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CRENETTE Open Mesh Laid Scrim
KURAMAS Multi-axial Warp Knitted Fabric
Open mesh laid scrim fabric “CRENETTE” can be reinforced on various base materials from paper to concrete
CRENETTE Open Mesh Laid Scrim
Features Main applications

“CRENETTE” is a biaxial laminated net created by layering fibers of various materials, such as polyester fiber, glass fiber, vinylon fiber, high-density polyethylene fiber, aramid fiber or carbon fiber, in the weft and warp directions, and bonding the intersections with adhesive resin. Kurabo Industries Ltd. have developed and sold “CRENETTE” for approximately 40 years. The applications continue to expand each year, and “CRENETTE” is a reinforcing material in a wide variety of fields. It is used as reinforcement in waterproofing materials, packaging materials, floor panels, roofing, wall concrete repair on bridges and tunnels.

Features of “CRENETTE”
There are two structures of “CRENETTE”: TRG that inserts weft yarn between two rows of upper and lower warp yarns; and TRT that inserts weft yarn between alternate rows of upper and lower warp yarns as shown in Fig.1.
In comparison with woven fabric, the fibers of “CRENETTE” are arranged linearly as shown in Fig.2. Yarn strength of "CRENETTE" is almost same to ordinary yarn strength.
Little fuzz and few span gaps provide excellent workability.
Suitable yarn materials for applications can be selected. We can use yarns such as polyester, glass, vinylon, high strength polyethylene, carbon and aramid fibers as shown in Fig.3.
  In addition, the diameter and density of yarn can also be selected. We can design and produce suitable “CRENETTE” for applications.
  Main applications
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