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planetary mixer/deaerator
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Mixing / Deaerating Revolution !
No rod/blades !  No cleansing !  No contamination !
Wider controlled speeds of Revolution / Rotation !
Wider kinds of material to process !
"KK-V series" with vacuum system

MAZERUSTAR performs mixing/kneading and deaeration simultaneously in a short time by rotating while revolving the material-filled container without using a mixing rod/blades or an evacuation device.

Fully flexes its muscles particularly for the following materials and processing purposes.

   KK-400WE (CE-mark declared)

High-viscosity liquids, of which it was impossible or took a long time for processing by conventional mixing machines or deaeration devices
Mixing of two kinds of liquids or mixing of a liquid and powder/filler, in which it is possible to evenly mix and disperse them even if the two kinds of materials are widely different from each other in their mix proportions or specific gravity
High-value-added materials which should be processed without influence of contaminant ( foreign substance mixture ) and should be processed without waste
Work processes that should be done without time and trouble for washing devices or containers

to completely exert the effects of the features/functions mentioned above for wide varieties of materials and processing purposes, adopts the following original mechanisms.

Users can rest assured to adopt and use this system, as it is guaranteed as a mixing/deaeration device of the revolution/rotation method by Japanese public patents (No.2711964 and No.3213735).

Mechanism1: By two-axis turn control, the revolution speed/ rotation speed ratio is variable.
(Except for some large-scale models of machines)
Mechanism2: Consecutive step mechanism in variable motions
(Max.: 3steps)
  Main Material Uses

MAZERUSTAR is especially used well by the following usege.

  • Silver paste before/after processingUses for conductive/resistance materials such as gold, silver, copper, carbon paste, etc.
  • Uses for sealing/insulation materials such as glass. ceramic paste, etc.
  • Uses for seal/glue materials such as epoxy resin etc.
  • Uses for molding materials such as silicone resin etc.
  • Uses for mixture of various color materials such as ink, paint, pigments, etc.
  • Uses for production of dentistry materials, medical supplies materials, cosmetic base materials, etc.
  • Uses for abrasion of precision parts etc.
Uses in the various industries such as electronics, chemistry, medicine and cosmetics have been spreading.
  Container Options

Container OptionsMAZERUSTAR can be applied to commercially available containers by using the adaptors(option), in addition to the standard containers, other containers such as disposable cups.

In particular for syringes, multiple sets of adapters are available in the mixer series, which are most suitable for deaeration of paste contained in a number of syringes.
(Japanese Public Patent No.3421745)