Bio-Medical Field
(Advanced Technology Division) 

This department is based on the development of filters used in research laboratories and cellular-related and genome-related products, and consists of the Bioreagent Section and Biodevice Section.

The Bioreagent Section provides research materials and outsourcing research services and aims to expand our range of unique products. Our 3D normal human skin model and DNA microarray are supplied and used by many research agencies, and our angiogenesis kit is very popular.

The Biodevice Section focuses on the horizontal development of products for use in the basic research market to the medical/test markets as well as in industrial fields. We are also working to improve the speed of development. As an approved medical device manufacturer, we develop and supply medical devices.

The Department strives to promote computerization and automation of clinical testing in collaboration with national universities and overseas companies. We also seek to ascertain the testing needs in the food industry by applying DNA diagnosis to the business, thus further promoting a wide variety of businesses.

Main Products

Normal human epidermal keratinocyte: NHEK (NB), NHEK (AD)

Two types of cells – newborn infant-derived and adult-derived cells – and a serum-free culture medium especially formulated for keratinized cells are available. In-house QC data and donor information are provided for each lot. Reservation of a specified lot is possible. Epidermal, blood vessel, visceral, and other cell types are also available.

3D skin model: EPI-200

A restructured model consisting of normal human epidermal keratinocyte. The 3D structure is similar to human skin, which is multilayered and highly differentiated. The horny cell layer of this model is comparatively thicker than that of other commercially available products, and its absorptive property is deemed to be similar to that of human skin.

Automated sectionalizing equipment: AS-400M

Our automated equipment can handle various processes that include slicing paraffin-embedded blocks, pasting the slice on the slide, and extending and drying the slice. For safety during slicing, the unit is also equipped with an automatic blade replacement function.

Nucleic-acid extraction equipment: QuickGene-610L

QuickGene-610L is a system that automatically extracts DNA from a blood sample quickly, easily, and with high purity and yield. Equipment and reagent kits to extract nucleic acids from samples other than blood are also available in the QuickGene series.

  • 1982 The Non-Textile Business Development Group began marketing filters and related products for bio studies.
  • 1988 Started marketing reagents for bio studies and biochemical materials.
  • 1990 Started marketing nucleic acid separators.
  • 1991 Set up Biomedical Department.
  • 2004 Started operations in the bio-imaging field.
  • 2007 Obtained the license for manufacturing and selling type III medical devices.
  • 2011 Started sales of AS-400M, an automatic histologic section production device, which is a general medical device.


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