Electronics Field
(Advanced Technology Division) 

Saving power and resources during the production process and contributing to the improvement in product quality

Originally, Kurabo developed color matching and color kitchen systems for textile applications. These technologies were then adapted for other industries, such as offset/gravure printing, inks & paints, and plastics manufacturing – Kurabo’s Color Manufacturing business.

Two key innovations evolved from this process: color sensing technologies and specialized software development capability. Inspired by the need to enhance CAD/CAM and FA systems, Kurabo created advanced imaging and production management systems – our Information Systems business.

Rising to the challenge of replacing human-eye inspection with automated color, IR, and UV technologies, Kurabo designed high precision inspection/measurement systems – our Quality Control business.

Kurabo continues to refine these technologies, offering cutting-edge systems for customers in out three business areas… and beyond.

Main Products

Mixing/Deaeration Systems

Rotation and revolution of a container filled with materials, mixing/kneading of these materials, and also deaerarion of the mixture at high speed without using a stirring rod/blade.

Infrared ray application product

Measure thickness of plastic films and coatings on a variety of sheet materials moving on a production line. Kurabo’s infrared technology helps you meet the demands of your most advanced material technologies.

3D Image Analysis Systems

The Kuraves-MD/G is software that can create 3D image data of carious objects from only several photos taken by a digital camera.

Large Format Color Copy System

KA variety of product types are available including A1/A0 flat-head and sheet-through type scanners

  • 1976 Information Systems Development Department established – later evolved into Electronics Div.
  • 1978 AUCOLOR COM System developed
  • 1985 KG-100 Infrared Thickness Master developed
  • 1987 Electronic Application Systems Development established – later evolved into Electronics Div.
  • 1996 Electronics Division formed by merger of Information Systems Development and Electronic Application System Departments.
  • 1999 Mazerustar Planetary Mixing / Deaeration System developed
  • 2000 Kuraves–K 3D Photogrammetry Software developed
  • 2004 Kuraves–Th 3D infrared, Structural Degradation Diagnostic System developed, Inorganic Coating Master developed
  • 2005 BBMaster Substrate External Appearance Inspection System developed
  • 2011 Chemicalizer Tech4ch, a chemical concentration measuring device with a directly connected pipe, was developed.
  • 2012 The lineup of MAZERU STAR, a planetary stirring and deaerating device, was reinforced.


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