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(Advanced Technology Division) 

Developing environmentally-friendly plants in full

Development of the exhaust gas desulfurization equipment for the company's plant led to the creation of the Engineering Department. The department has accumulated many achievements as an environment-related plant manufacturer, including water treatment systems and sludge treatment facilities with incinerators.

Based on actual proof from the Company's own plants, the Division develops and commercializes a variety of processing systems designed as environmental measures. In advance of the trends in environmental conservation and regulations, a significant global issue, we design, produce and construct optimum systems which satisfy the needs of the customer and provide after-sales service based on the “3Rs” principle, (Recycle, Reuse and Reduce) as a total engineering team in the environment and energy field.

In recent years, we have actively entered different areas, such as semiconductor production facilities and liquid medicine supply systems, which require complex and clean piping design, instead of just out current plant facility business, by utilizing long-accumulated technologies and expertise. We also provide surface treatment equipment that uses grinding/cleaning materials for paint shops.

Business Sectors

Main Products

KNORCA exhaust gas denitration equipment (exhaust gas treatment equipment)

Using ammonia or urea aqueous solution as the reducing agent, denitration equipment based on the catalytic reduction method decomposes NOx into harmless nitrogen (N2) and water (H2O) by the action of highly-functional titanium oxide series fixed-bed honeycomb catalyst activity.

Effluent treatment facility

The Division designs and builds optimum water treatment facilities which satisfy a wide variety of customer needs, including public facilities such as effluent water treatment equipment for municipal incinerators and effluent treatment systems for industry.

Fluid-bed boiler (heat treatment equipment)

By using waste plastic and sludge in addition to biomass fuel, such as wood and tire chips, energy is collected in the form of steam or high-temperature air. When combined with steam turbines, generation of electricity is possible.

Surface treatment equipment (industry equipment)

Used for base coating processing on vessels, bridges, electricity generation facilities, automobiles and airplanes. We offer optimum systems which are designed to perform dust collection in buildings, as well as environmental measures which takes into consideration air conditioning.

  • 1970 Engineering Division was organized.
  • 1971 Commenced water disposal systems business.
  • 1976 Kurabo Engineering Work Service Co., Ltd. Department was established.
  • 1976 KUINSY-FB, fluidized bed combustion device, was delivered.
  • 1987 Echo Giken Co., Ltd. was established.
  • 2006 Fluidized bed combustion boiler was delivered.
  • 2007 Surface treatment device was delivered.


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