Traditions and Challenges.

Our society has a lot of work ahead of it. Much is changing significantly, from responding to the new needs of an aging population, learning to live in harmony with the natural environment, and adapting to an era marked by information technologies and increasing globalization, and now is the time for us to fundamentally rethink our approach to business and the methods of operating that business.

We at Kurabo believe we can respond to everyone's needs as we continue to value the corporate culture we've built over a century of our history while developing ideas and actions for the future and facing new challenges. We want our company's development to be tied to our society's development. We are developing a wide range of business activities in the expectation that the work accumulated each day by our employees will contribute in some way to improving the lifestyles and cultures of future generations.

At present we are expanding beyond textiles, the business upon which the company was founded, and are demonstrating flexibility and diversity by moving into all areas of everyday living, arenas in which we create new value by developing various technologies and materials, and by promoting new product creation.
Uninterested in looking back and unafraid of failure, we strive to achieve new growth and to build a corporate structure conducive to reform, allowing us to continue to grow together with our customers, deserving their trust and meeting their expectations.

We thank you for your anticipation as we move forward with future endeavors.

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