Annual Environmental Report


History of Environmental Conservation Activities / Environment Charter Acquisition of ISO14001 Certification / Environmental Audit Environmental Accounting

Acquisition of ISO14001 Certification

We, at Kurabo, engage in company-wide environmental management activities and at the same time  each plant acquired certification of ISO 14001 to organize environmental management systems. In this way, we devote ourselves in flexibly responding to the issues concerning environmental load and environmental conservation activities that differ according to the business project. And the plants of Textile Business Division, where the environmental management system have been fully developed, have self-declared and operate independently. In addition, Kurabo is recommending certification acquisition to our group companies in Japan and overseas.
Currently, five plants of Kurabo and twelve plants out of its affiliates have obtained the certification.


CompanyEstablishmentBusiness description
Kurabo Industries Ltd.  Neyagawa Plant, Susono Plant, Kamogata Plant and Mie Plant Plastic manufacturing
Gunma Plant Inorganic building materials manufacturing
Kurashiki Textile Mfg. Co., Ltd. Kurashiki Plant, Hayashima Plant and Shizuoka Plant Nonwoven fabric manufacturing
Thai Textile Development And Finishing Co., Ltd Dyeing and finishing
Tomei Kasei Co., Ltd Nisshin Plant and Saitama Plant Plastic manufacturing

Kurabo Kansaikasei Co.,Ltd. 

Plastic manufacturing
Chugoku Kasei Kogyo Co.,Ltd. Kamogata Plant Plastic manufacturing
Sheedom Co., Ltd. Kamigori Plant Plastic manufacturing
Guangzhou Kurabo Chemicals Co., Ltd. Plastic manufacturing
Guangzhou KCF Plastics Co., Ltd. Plastic manufacturing
Kurashiki Chemical Products do Brasil Ltda. Plastic manufacturing


Self-declaration of ISO14001

After having acquired certification of ISO14001, the plants of Kurabo Industries Textile Business Division, Marugame Mill, Anjo Mill and Tokushima Plant, were active for approximately ten years. The operations of their environmental management systems have been fully developed. Further, based on our judgment that the management level has greatly improved enough to be subject to independent operation, we have returned the certification of ISO14001 to the certification organizations, and adopted ISO14001 self-declaration. 
Taking this shift from the third party certification to self-declaration of ISO14001 as an opportunity, we are determined to work on further developing the management level and also improving profitability through an environmental management system integrated in the overall management of the company. 


           * Papers of Self-declaration


Environmental Audit

With an aim to ensure proper environmental management at the business establishments in Japan and overseas of the Kurabo Group, the head office staff conducts environmental audits by visiting each site on regular basis. The audit covers not only checking of observance of the environment related laws but also introduction of recommended management methods, aiming to improve the environmental management level.
As a result of the environmental audit that was carried out in a continual basis, compliance with applicable laws and regulations have been greatly improved. Since FY2014, the environmental audit has been conducted by shifting its focus from reviewing of legal compliance to checking of operation of environmental management.
As a result of environmental audits in FY 2016, a total of 53 points to be improved were identified, and they were totally corrected by the end of the fiscal year. In addition, we performed environmental audits to affiliates in China, and confirmed that good management was carried out.
We will wrestle in the whole group to maintain the good environmental management system, and to improve.


Establishments for which environmental audits have been conducted:

CompanyEstablishmentBusiness description
Kurabo Industries Ltd.  Head Office Office
Tokyo Branch Office
 Technical Research Laboratory Research and development
Kurabo International Co.,Ltd. Murakami Plant and Takeda Plant Sewing
Tomei Kasei Co., Ltd

Mie Plant

Plastic manufacturing
Sheedom Co.,Ltd. Kamigori Plant Plastic manufacturing
Echo Giken Co.,Ltd.  Machine manufacturing
Kuraki Co.,Ltd. Nagaoka Plant Machine manufacturing 
Guangzhou kurabo Chemicals Co.,Ltd. Plastic manufacturing

Guangzhou KCF Plastics Co.,Ltd. 

Plastic manufacturing


Internal ISO Environmental Audit

At Kurabo, the head office department overseeing environmental management assesses our plants to confirm their compliance of ISO14001 standards.
Since all 3 plants in our Textile Business Division have self-declared ISO14001 compliance and have operated independently, internal ISO environmental audits will be conducted every year to assure that their compliance with the ISO14001 standards are maintained. An external institution will also conduct reviews every few years to assess their compliance with these standards objectively.
All 5 plants in our Chemical Products Division have acquired ISO certification and receive the assessment by the external institution every year, but internal ISO environmental audits will be carried out every 3 years to confirm the environmental management situation.
In FY 2016, internal ISO environmental audits were conducted at a total 5 plants. We confirmed that the activities along the ISO14001 standard were carried out at all plants. Although minor faults were seen, they were corrected promptly.  


Plants for which internal ISO environmental audits have been conducted: 

DivisionPlantBusiness description
Textile Business Division Marugame Mill Spinning
Anjo Mill Spinning and weaving
Tokushima Plant Dyeing and finishing
Chemical Products Division Susono Plant Plastic manufacturing
Kamogata Plant Plastic manufacturing