Annual Environmental Report

President's Message

 Today, the business environments surrounding companies are subject to kaleidoscopic changes. Just looking at the domestic situations alone, since the East Japan Great Earthquake, there have been a number of new developments such as the issue of nuclear power plants, large fluctuation in exchange rates, changes in consumption trends, and complete liberalization of the electricity retailing. In order to carry out business activities by responding to these changes and to continue contributing to the society, we have to be equipped with speedy decision making and strong ability of implementation.

With the aim to fulfill the corporate social responsibilities (CSR), Kurabo established the CSR Committee with the President as the Committee Chairman and has been proactively working for the benefit of all stakeholders including the regions, communities, and customers. The environmental conservation activity also forms a part of these activities, based on the Group-wide understanding of importance of global environmental protection, where environmentally-friendly business activities have been implemented.

It is our pride that we have been carrying out various measures for reducing environmental burden, making efforts to reduce global warming gas (CO2), promotion of zero emission, etc. and have achieved good results. We will continue to make efforts and dedicate ourselves for creating a low-carbon society and resource recycling society so that we can pass rich nature down to future generations.

Kurabo and its entire group are jointly eager to carry out the corporate social responsibility and contribute to communities. We ask for your continued support and understanding.


July, 2017
Haruya Fujita
Kurabo Industries Ltd.