Notes for Use of This Website
We would like you to carefully read the following terms and conditions of use and consent thereto before you use this website managed by KURABO INDUSTRIES LTD. (hereinafter referred to as gKURABOh and such website hereinafter being referred to as our gWebsiteh). Further, we would like you to understand that you will be considered to have consented to all the following terms and conditions of use if you use our Website.
KURABO may revise these terms and conditions of use without prior notice. In such case, we will post the revised version of this document. Therefore, we would like you to check the descriptions in the latest version in case of use of our Website.
1. Copyrights and trademark rights
(1) Copyrights to documents, photographs, images, sounds and other works posted on our Website (hereinafter referred to as the gContentsh) belong to KURABO or the original copyright holders or other right holders. Except for personal use or other use permitted by law, duplication, alteration or diversion of the Contents without notice is prohibited unless a prior written license is given from KURABO.
(2) Trade names, trademarks and logos used on our Website belong to KURABO or respective right holders. Unless licensed from KURABO, use of those names or marks without notice is prohibited.
2. Prohibited acts
In case of using our Website, you shall not make the following acts:
(1) Use or offering of harmful programs (including computer viruses);
(2) Acts infringing on properties, privacy or other rights of a third party or KURABO;
(3) Acts which give loss or damage to a third party or KURABO;
(4) Acts which defame or discredit a third party or KURABO;
(5) Acts offensive to public order and morals;
(6) Criminal acts or other acts connected to criminal acts;
(7) Other acts in violation of laws, regulations or ordinances;
(8) Acts which may fall under or are similar to any of the preceding items; and
(9) Other acts which are deemed inappropriate by KURABO.
3. Link
(1) In principle, you can freely link your website to our Website. However, when linking to our Website, please link to the top page ( If you desire to link to any other page, please make an inquiry to the contact desk ( Our URL may be changed without prior notice. KURABO will assume no responsibility for damage if any is caused to you by such change.
Please name the link as gKURABOh in Roman characters. In case of creating a link by banner, please make sure to use either of the banner logos below without any change or transformation. Trademark rights and all other intellectual property rights to the banner logos belong to KURABO.
(2) We reject links which do or may fall under any of the followings:
E Links from websites which defame and slander KURABO or any affiliate thereof, or any officer or employee of either of the foregoing;
E Links from websites including sexually explicit content, websites offensive to public order and morals or other websites which damage the credibility and integrity of KURABO;
E Links which may impair the clarity of our Website and give a false impression to third parties, by causing our Website to be shown in the frame of another website or otherwise; or
E Other links which are deemed inappropriate by KURABO.
(3) Contents of third partiesf websites linked from or to our Website are managed at the responsibility of the respective websites, and KURABO will assume no responsibility for any damages caused to you as a result of use of those websites. Any link between our Website and a third partyfs website does not mean our recommendation of the website.
4. Disclaimers
Although KURABO has paid close attention in order to safely offer accurate information when posting information on our Website, KURABO does not guarantee accuracy, usefulness or safety of the information. KURABO will assume no responsibility for any damages (including indirect damages, special damages, consequential damages and incidental damages) caused as a result of your use of our Website or unavailability of our Website.
Please understand in advance that KURABO may suspend management of our Website or change information posted thereon without giving a prior notice.
5. Governing Laws and Court of Jurisdiction
Use of our Website and interpretation and application of these terms and conditions will be governed by the laws of Japan. Any disputes which may arise in connection with use of our Website will be brought to the Osaka District Court as the exclusive court of jurisdiction for the first trial.