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Nucleic acid isolation systems

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Nucleic Acid Isolation System QuickGene

Automated Nucleic Acid Isolation System QuickGene-Auto240L

QuickGene-Auto240L uses a patented porous membrane to realize a quick and high quality, high yield in nucleic acid extraction. And this is the first automated system using QuickGene unique membrane production technology to isolate 2ml whole blood genomic DNA from primary tube samples to final DNA strage tubes.Automated the previous manual labor to reduce user's burden and support their high throughput in routine analytical work.


QuickGene-Auto12S/QuickGene-Auto24S can isolate high-yield and high-purity of DNA/RNA due to the patented porous membrane. It also uses pre-filled reagent strips. These strips are supplied in a sealed condition with required reagents for isolation in one strip to reduce the contamination risk.

Nucleic Acid Isolation System QuickGene-Mini8L

The small, light weight QuickGene-Mini8L takes up minimal space on the lab bench and even in the clean bench. And it can be used for DNA isolation from large volume samples (ex. 2 ml of whole blood, 100 mg of mouse liver) and allows to get high-yield of DNA at a single run.

Whole blood, concentrated blood, plasma, serum, buffycoat, saliva, animal tissue, plants, insects, fish, virus, swab, cultured cell, bacteria, food etc.

Nucleic acid isolation system QuickGene-Mini480

QuickGene-Mini480 is a highthroughput compact system requiring no centrifugation in isolation process, giving less strain to samples and enabling rapid nucleic acid isolation. DNA/RNA can be easily isolated from various samples.

Nucleic acid isolation system QuickGene-610L

QuickGene-610L is optimized for genetic analysis of blood samples. QuickGene-610L can perform DNA isolation of 6 whole blood samples (2ml each), within 12min. High throughput in routine analytical work on demand.

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