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Nucleic acid isolation systems

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Nucleic acid isolation system


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key features

Highthroughput, up to 48 samples

Process 1 to 48 samples per run. And enhance usability by using multichannel pipettes.
Process time <90 min / 48 samples.,

Easy and Rapid processing

The operation is simple. Just set the sample and rotate the pressurizing Rotary Switch on both sides of the QuickGene-Mini480. Centrifugation is not required for the isolation. The operation is simple, and rapid DNA/RNA isolation saves valuable time.

The small, lightweight QuickGene-Mini480 device takes up minimal space on the lab bench and is easy to carry.
QuickGene-Mini480 can be operated on the lab bench so, without moving around, the user can perform nucleic acid isolation.

DNA/RNA isolation from various samples

QuickGene isolation kits are optimized fro the QuickGene system to isolate DNA and RNA in the short time and with high quality.
Appropriate kit selectable depending on samples.

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