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Natural materials
Recycled and reused materials
Energy conserving materials
Technological and manufacturing systems
Useful for people and safe for the global environment This is the starting point for Kurabo's Human Friendly concept
Through spinning and weaving we enjoy the blessings of nature.Since cotton is the starting point for all our business activities, Kurabo has naturally shown great concern for the global environment and human beings’ relation to it. Kurabo was faced with meeting opposing customer demands—the need to use natural materials and the need to satisfy changing fashions. To meet these demands, Kurabo looked at the future of the environment and humanity, and decided to develop various new kinds of materials, long before the environment became such a controversial issue. The legacy of this concern is alive today in each of our employees and in each of the products we make.
In 1993 the Textile Business Division new ‘Human Friendly’ concept of developing a sound relationship between human beings and the environment immediately was adopted as a fundamental corporate ideal for the company as a whole.
ECOVISION  Environmental Business Structure
Product development
Since its founding in 1888, Kurabo has continued to produce numerous innovative products. Today, it offers a variety of natural products and services that deliver both the advantages of natural materials and new value. Today it is combining the advantages of cotton with those of other natural materials to offer various natural products and services.
Warmth and coolness are important factors in determining the comfort of the fabrics people wear. We are planning and developing various types of energy-saving materials that are suited for comfortable wear in an environment of reduced heating and air-conditioning. In particular, in regard to the 3Rs (recycle, reuse, reduce) that are indispensable to creating a society that ecologically circulates goods and materials, we are bringing back unique recycled materials to use in developing supersensitive products, with a view toward reducing waste and making good use of natural materials.
Natural materials Recycled and reused materials Energy conserving materials
Development of technological and manufacturing systems
Kurabo’s Human Friendly concept applies not only to product development, but permeates all of our business activities, and in them we seek to reduce the environmental burden of our technological research and manufacturing. Besides continuing to focus organizationally on the operation and building of recycling systems and reduction of waste from each office to reduce the burden on the environment, we have reviewed our manufacturing processes, and we are striving to introduce and develop technological systems for preserving the environment.
Technological and manufacturing systems
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