Infrared Thickness Meter

NR-2100IB (Oil / Organic film thickness)



Measures coating amount of resin (anticorrosive agent, rolling oil) on a metal plate.
Ideal for process and quality control. We have a substantial record of achievement in the steel and aluminum industries. Digital data can be stored in USB memory devices.


Compact, lightweight, and simple operation

Due to its portability, this instrument allows measuring in the desired position. Simple measurement with key operation in the handle.

Optical system design ideal for off-line measurement

The approximately 20 mm ∅ spot optical system design can prevent the effect of minute unevenness.

Outstanding measurement accuracy

High correlativeness can be obtained even in thin film or a narrow range.

Achieves non-contact measurement applying safe infrared rays

The infrared method provides safer and easier handling compared to the fluorescent X-ray method.

High response speed and long-term stability

High speed measurement with approximately 50 msec minimum response speed is possible. Ensures long-term accuracy against changes in the ambient environment and instrument fluctuation by using three wavelength photometry.

Target products

Various types of organic film including anti-rust oil anti-fingerprint coating.

Measurement range (anti-rust oil): 0.1-5 g/m2

Measurement accuracy: 0.1 g/m2


Measurement specifications
Measuring principle Infrared reflection absorption spectroscopy
Spectroscopic method Rotating filter(Three filters )
Measuring distance 2mm (from the lower surface of the main unit)
Measurement area 18 × 36 mm (oval)
Main unit specifications
Main Unit; NR-2100IB Outer dimensions: 112(W)×225(D)×172.5(H) (excluding handle parts)
Weight: 3.3kg
Battery drive time: Approx. 7 hours
Power supply: 100~240VAC 47~63Hz 65VA(Also possible to drive with AC power source)
Operating temperature 5 – 40 deg. C (No dew condensation)
Accessories Zero-Calibration Unit,AC adapter