Infrared Thickness Meter

RX-410 (LIB Separator / Coating)



Structure of Lithium Ion Battery

For thickness measurement of lithium ion secondary battery separators (base material PP, PE, coating AI203, etc.)
The infrared method realizes thickness measurement of separators, which is indispensable for LIB.
Because multiple layers can be measured with one system, both base materials and heat-resistant coatings can be measured at the same time with one system in a line.


Applicability widened to translucent products

Allows measurement of ultrathin coatings and nonorganic film which had conventionally been difficult to achieve.

Allows selective measurement

Separating performance for base and coating materials has been improved.

High response speed and long-term stability

High speed measurement with approximately 50 msec minimum response speed is possible. Ensures long-term accuracy against changes in the ambient environment and instrument fluctuation by using three wavelength photometry.

Target products

Measurement range (PP / PE / coat) : 3-30μm / 0.1-10μm

Measurement accuracy : 0.1μm


Measurement specifications
Photometric type Infrared absorption spectroscopy
Spectroscopy Rotating filters (Six filters can be mounted.)
Measuring distance RX-410 : 20mm (emitter unit to the detector unit : 40mm)
Measurement area 20 x 30mm (oval)    RX-410 : 1spot
Main unit specifications
Sensor head Outer dimensions (mm) RX-410 : emitter unit 410(W) x 164(D) x 190(H)
* excluding protruding parts : detector unit 410(W) x 164(D) x 160(H)
Weight RX-410 : emitter unit 10.4kg detector unit 8.6kg
Relay unit Outer dimensions in mm : 322(W) x 140(D) x 113(H) (excluding protruding parts)
Weight : 4kg
Power supply : AC230V±10%   50/60Hz 200VA
Data processing unit Outside dimensions (mm) : 275(W) x 300(D) x 165(H)   (excluding protruding parts)
Weight : 6kg
Power supply : AC230V±10%   50/60Hz 200VA
External output Selectable from Analog 0-10V or 4-20mA (before shipment)
Operating temperature 5–40℃ (No dew condensation. Air purge is an essential condition if ambient surroundings over 35℃)