Research and Development

Kurabo Advanced Technology Center

Research and development policy

Katsuma Yagi

Technical Research Laboratory

At the Technical Research Laboratory,
we aim to generate new businesses
through differentiated technologies

Research and development activities are the pillars of the Kurabo Group's future strategies. The Group's future rests on technological innovations achieved through outside-the-box thinking and on sound intellectual property strategies. The applied development group pioneers new business areas through the development of new technologies by anticipating market needs and trends. Meanwhile, the core technology group digs into technologies in six specialized fields. These two groups cooperate beyond organizational boundaries to form project teams and fuse core technologies, with the goal of creating new businesses that other companies do not have.

Projects to launch new businesses based on core technologies

By managing a unique R&D promotion system that allows for the sharing of ideas and technologies, we are realizing the fusion of technologies and giving birth to new R&D projects.

Robot Sensing Project
Camera eye recognizes the shape and location of objects

Semiconductor Solution Project
Real-time control and precise measurement of chemical solutions

Life Science Project
Next-generation cell culture techniques open the door to the era of iPS cells and regenerative medicine

Materials Solution Project
Molding and modification of highly functional film and reinforced fiber


Kurabo Advanced Technology Center

The Kurabo Advanced Technology Center was completed in 2016 as a base for the Technical Research Laboratory. The Laboratory ambitiously pursues the development of next-generation technologies and products. With state-of-the-art experiment/evaluation equipment and a unique organizational structure that allows researchers to interact with each other beyond their areas of expertise, the Laboratory is generating technologies that set Kurabo apart from the competition. The Laboratory also cooperates with Kurabo business divisions and the development divisions of group companies and leads the Kurabo Group's efforts in creating new fields of business.

  • Vision sensing

  • Chemical engineering

  • Analytical equipment