Environmental Burden

Environmental targets / Perspective Reduction of environmental burden Management of chemical substance / resource saving


The Kurabo Group has been endeavoring to constantly supply high quality products and services to the market in its efforts in contributing to the improvement of life and culture, and to correctly grasp to reduce environmental load imposed by its business activities. 

The Kurabo Group's material flow of fiscal 2017 is shown below:


Environmental targets

We, at Kurabo, have declared the interim environmental targets (3 years) in order to promote the activities for environmental conservation in a more systematic manner, and have been working on the prevention of global warming and effective use of resources.
The target of reduction of CO2 emission was carried out on a basic unit basis to raise use efficiency of the energy, which was calculated by dividing the absolute quantity by indices like production volume or others.  In fiscal 2017, the production volume was on an increasing trend and energy usage (= CO2 emission) has increased, but due to continuous energy saving investments and energy saving activities, energy use efficiency has improved. As a result, the goal has been reached. We will carry out energy saving activities and investments continuously to reduce CO2 emission steadily from medium-and-long term point of view.
In regards to promotion of zero emission, we have obtained result enough until now. Therefore we were active with the target of 0.2% improvement of recycling rate to maintain the present condition, and to improve even a little. The recycling rate improved from 97.4% in the base year to 97.6%, achieving the target. The establishments which achieved zero emission were 27 establishments, same as in the previous year. They have also maintained good management status.


Target ItemTargetResult
Reduction of CO2 emission Reduction as basic unit 2.0% reduction
on FY2015 result

y 2.1%

Promotion of Zero Emission Improvements on recycling rate

0.2% improvements
on FY2015 result

by 0.2%