CSR Activities

Giving it everything we've got-
that's the Kurabo spirit

Since its founding as a cotton spinning business nearly 130 years ago, Kurabo has grown and diversified into a variety of fields extending beyond textiles. "Giving it everything we've got" was the motto of founder Koshiro Ohara. The second president, Magosaburo Ohara, helped spread his father's spirit of community service to new fields, while continuing to expand the company's business. The pair's imprint can still be seen today in various forms in Kurabo's corporate culture, as the company has left assets that continue to play an important role in the development of local communities.


Facilities that contribute to improving lifestyles

The second president, Magosaburo Ohara, built a variety of facilities around Japan as a means of contributing to society. These facilities still exist today, keeping his good intentions alive.

Ohara Museum of Art

Kurashiki Central Hospital

Ishii Memorial Aizen-en
Social Welfare Corporation

Ohara Memorial Institute
for the Science of Labor


Kurabo's CSR Activities

Social Initiatives

Social Initiatives

Kurabo Group activities that contribute to society and that promote communication with local communities

Environmental Initiatives

Environmental Management

The report about the environmental management activity of the Kurabo Industries group

Environmental Burden

The report of the environmental load of the Kurabo Industries group in Japan

Environmentally Friendly Products

Introduction of the environmental consideration products which we developed