Overview / Environmental Targets Sustainability


The Kurabo Group has always striven to supply high-quality products and services to the market in efforts to contribute to a better future. We also work to accurately understand the impact business activities have on the environment so that we can reduce it.
The Kurabo Group's material flow in fiscal 2018 is shown below. The data of the Tokushima Biomass Power Plant, which was recently included in group totals, was not yet included in the data below.

Environmental Targets

At Kurabo, we have declared medium-term environmental targets (three years) in order to carry out activities for environmental conservation in a more systematic manner, and we have been working on the prevention of global warming and the effective use of resources.
In fiscal 2018, we targeted a 3% reduction in CO2 emissions compared to fiscal 2015, but emissions actually increased by 0.5%. One of the causes was structural reform of the Kurabo Textile Business Division. The absolute amount of CO2 emissions from textile plants was reduced, but the efficiency of energy usage deteriorated. We therefore failed to reach our goal. With regard to achieving our zero emissions targets, 27 sites, the same number as in the previous fiscal year, achieved zero emissions. In addition, we achieved our target of improving the recycling rate by 0.3% compared to fiscal 2015.

  • Note 1: The target of reduction of CO2 emissions was calculated on a basic unit basis to raise energy usage efficiency; it was calculated by dividing the absolute quantity by indices like production volume or others.
  • Note 2: Since the environmental targets are based on fiscal 2015, data from the Tokushima Biomass Power Plant is not included.
Target item Target Result Evaluation
Reduction of CO₂ emissions Reduction per basic unit 3.0% reduction against FY2015 result Increased by 0.5% ×
Efforts toward zero emissions Improvements in recycling rate 0.3% improvement against FY2015 result Improvements of 0.3%