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The Cotton and Synthetic Textiles Division's history is Kurabo's history.
Since it was established in 1888 (the 21st year of the Meiji Era in Japan), Kurabo has continued to hone its various basic technologies in spinning, dyeing, and processing. By developing applications from these core technologies, we have created each of our various current business domains one after the other. However, no matter how much we diversify our business or internationalize our corporate activities, the textile business has consistently been, and will continue to be, Kurabo's principal business. The step by step progress the Textile Business Division has made in refining cotton-related technologies has been not only the history of Kurabo but the history of the Japanese textile spinning industry as well.
Natural Balance Bringing out the infinite potential of natural materials to create new value
The Textile Business Division's driving force is our curiosity in, and unchanging love for, Nature's blessing of natural materials. In response to ever-changing market needs, we develop materials enriched with unique, sophisticated functions and high sensitivity. Our mission is to respond to the needs of our customers and the times by adding sensitivity and functionality to the infinite potential of natural materials such as cotton and wool, thereby creating new value.
Your Best Partner - KURABO
Kurabo continues to refine its ability to offer new technologies to customers.
We are also offering solutions to social issues through IoT and through sustainable businesses centered on environmentally friendly fiber recycling.
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