New Era of Pavement Inspection!

In recent years, pavement surveys
have been required to reduce Life Cycle Cost
through efficient inspection methods
and appropriate repairs.

To solve this issue, KURABO supply the compact type road inspection unit PG-4
which is highly accurate and contributes to
reduce inspection & labor costs.

Features of KURABO
Pavement Inspection Unit PG-4

  • 01High Speed and
    High Accuracy

    Capture high definition image
    with 100km/h highway speed.
    No need to close lane.

  • 02Mount on
    General vehicles

    No large modification
    of the vehicle body required.

  • 03Capture both Day
    and Night time

    Capture at any time without
    being affected by sunlight.

  • 04Improve workability
    and fair evaluation
    through auto analysis

    Using our software, cracks, potholes,
    rutting, etc. are automatically extracted.
    Results stored as digital along with
    geographic data, making it easy to
    compare deterioration over time.

  • 05Abundant options

    Additional options such as
    2D color line camera, Infrared camera,
    and Flatness (IRI) unit can be added
    for further analysis.

Effectively measure road surface degradation

Previously large size vehicle systems were required to do high speed scanning. Therefore, many users were abandoned to purchase them due to budget issues. KURABO use a unique own high-speed and large-capacity image handling technology designed to assemble camera and laser in a compact unit. As a result, we succeed in reducing size and initial investment of the system.


What is KURABO
Pavement Inspection Unit PG-4

  • 01Mount on General vehicle

    A high-definition 3D camera and laser are installed in the compact unit. Since capturing and recording data while driving at high speed up to 100km/h, users don't need to close lanes during inspection, and succeed to reduce on-site work time.

  • 02Capture visual image and
    height information using
    3D Camera

    Not only visual image but also height information can be captured. To use this 3D data, various road damages such as the depth of rutting, potholes, cracks, etc. can be captured. Also, inspection can be done both day and night time.

  • 03Reduce analysis time by
    automatic extraction

    From 3D height data, our software automatically extracts road damages such as cracks and potholes. Because it is automatically extracted by software, fair and accurate analysis results can be acquired.

  • 04User-Friendly Analysis Software

    By utilizing various software functions such as batch image input, auto lane mark detection, mesh analysis, auto crack and pothole detection, drawing post process functions, auto rutting CSV output, etc. user can analyze data easily.

  • 05Output Report

    Software automatically judge meshes, calculate crack rate, and output them as a report.


Case Study

Example of Compact Pavement Inspection System PG-4

Available to install various vehicles.

Case Studies.

Process Chart

  • AdjustmentAdjustment


  • ImagingImaging


  • Input dataInput data

    Data AnalysisData Analysis

    Output reportOutput report

    At the office

Simple Pavement inspection!


Pavement Inspection Unit PG-4
3D camera specification
Survey Speed Up to 100km/h
Transversal Resolution 1mm/pixel
Height Resolution 0.5mm
Longitudinal Resolution 1mm to 4mm
Software Standard Function
Function Lane mark detection, 2D/3D viewer function, Connect 3D camera data, GPS link, Output arbitrary section, Mesh Process, Auto rut analysis, Auto/manual crack analysis, Auto/manual pothole analysis, crack rate calculation, Post-process drawing tool to draw other defects, Output report with suitable format.
Available to handle raw data for evidence of the result.
Open source hardware makes user easier to do local maintenance.


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