KURABO Railway Tunnel Scanner

Feature of KURABO
Railway Tunnel Scanner TM-270

  • point01Compatible with
    various shapes

    Flexible design supports to scan various tunnel shapes such as single track, multitrack, horseshoe-shaped tunnel, circular tunnel, etc.

  • point02Variable speed for

    Can be used on trolley up to 20km/h.

  • point03Only 5 steps
    to assemble!

    Assemble the unit on site within short time by 1-2 person.

  • point04High resolution

    High definition color line camera and encoder capture high resolution wall image with various speed.

  • point05Excellent
    analysis software

    Proven KURABO analysis software support to create tunnel deficiency map with accurate cracks length and width information on it.

High speed and law cost tunnel inspection system

A lot of railway tunnel inspection should be done for only 3-4 hours between the last train and the first train. Conventional visual inspections using large high place working vehicles have limited work volume. To use TM-270, user can carry by hand on site and scan tunnel surface with high resolution to detect hair cracks. TM-270 is the inspection system for railway tunnels that greatly reduces labor and efficiency on site.


What is KURABO
Railway Tunnel Scanner TM-270

  • 1High Definition

    With our large-capacity image processing technology, user can obtain clear tunnel wall images from seven high definition color line cameras. Even hair cracks are captured.

  • 2Only 5 steps to assemble

    By designing the scanner system into a small unit, it is easy to install TM-270 on site with one or two people.

  • 3One click Scan

    Usr friendly software supports user to scan tunnel easily on site.

  • 4Create Lining Image

    Input tunnel shape, then our software creates tunnel lining surface image automatically.

  • 5Analyze images
    using our software

    User can extract cracks and draw other defects such as water leaks to create deficiency map. Then output its analysis result including images, areas, lengths/width of crack, each defect numbers, etc. to image data, CAD(DXF) data, CSV data, etc.


Case Study

TM-270 is available to adjust scanning area depends on tunnel shapes. Therefore, user can create one stitched tunnel image map even it is single track or multi track.

  • Single track
    Seven cameras
    cover 300 degree.

  • Multi track
    Six cameras
    cover 180 degree.

Process Chart

  • AdjustmentAdjustment


  • AssemblyAssembly



  • Pre-processingPre-processing


    At the office

Simple tunnel inspection.


Railway Tunnel Scanner
Imaging device High resolution color line camera
Cameras (300 degree) 7 (Ul to 8 depend on tunnel shape)
Lighting system LED lighting
Transversal resolution 1mm/pixel
Travel direction resolution 1mm/pixel
Survey speed Up to 20km/h
Acquisition Trigger mode (Encoder)
Power Maximum 1.7kW (Depend on the configuration)
Tunnel shape Maximum tunnel height by approx. 7.5m

System Configuration

Unit Items Qty
Inspection Unit Line camera 7
LED lighting 7
Camera mounting unit 1
Control Unit Capturing PC 2
Distance display counter 1
Encoder 1
Power supply for LED lighting 2
Sync Box 1
Monitor 1
Mouse, Keyboard 1


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