Wood Powder Resin / Aluminum
Hybrid Technology


Wood Powder Resin/Aluminum Composite

KURATTICE ECO is used in a broad range of applications, from high-rise buildings to exteriors.

From high-rise residential buildings to widespread use for residential and sporting events.



Installation Examples


The Philippines/Menarco Tower

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The Philippines/Menarco Tower

A large-scale project to construct a new office building in Bonifacio Global City, a futuristic city in the Philippines. Taking advantage of the aluminum-form features of KURATTICE ECO, two aluminum shapes were joined to achieve large cross-sections normally difficult to produce. By sanding after joining, the joint line, which is an issue when joining materials, was made invisible. From a cost perspective as well, we succeeded in significantly reducing mold costs. By performing the assembly of peripheral materials considering ease-of-installation, on-site installation went smoothly, contributing to a shorter construction period.

Key Reasons for Use

  1. Even for a high-rise building, we constructed large louvers in a recycled wood texture, ensuring a lasting impression
  2. Strength and durability sufficient to withstand use on a high-rise building
  3. Assembly of peripheral parts considering ease-of-installation and exterior design
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Japan/Kindai University

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Japan/Kindai University

KURATTICE ECO was used on the exterior louvers of Academic Theatre 1 at Kindai University in Osaka Prefecture. Utilizing numeric-control and machining technologies, KURATTICE ECO can be installed on curved buildings, and individual processing is flexibly supported. Leveraging the feature of being an aluminum hybrid, a cross-section design enabling easy joining with an adapter (connects the louver to the frame) is used, which reduces the burden of onsite work. Moreover, through timely delivery of product matching the local construction schedule, we helped ensure smooth progress.

Key Reasons for Use

  1. Same design as existing natural louvers and sufficient weather resistance and durability for outdoor use
  2. Louvers are easily mounted on the frame
  3. Can be machined to support a curved building structure
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  • Spa FacilitySpa Facility
  • Bended BenchBended Bench
  • Textile Innovation CenterTextile Innovation Center
  • Kurashiki Ivy Square (Deck)Kurashiki Ivy Square (Deck)
  • Exterior FenceExterior Fence
  • House Exterior ProductsHouse Exterior Products



With its excellent long-term durability, ease-of-installation and machinability owing to lightweight and high-strength characteristics, KURATTICE ECO is used in a wide-range of applications, from public places such as commercial facilities and parks to general construction such as hotels and factories.

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  • Exterior Fence thumbnail
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  • 01
  • 02
  • 03

01 Surface (Wood-plastic composite)

02 Bonding agent

03 Aluminum core

01Surface (Wood-plastic composite)

Surface (Wood-plastic composite)

02 Bonding agent

Bonding agent The resin surface and aluminum core are bonded firmly together via an adhesive layer. This means there is no need to worry about the resin surface peeling in high-humidity outdoor environments or environments with large temperature variation.

03 Aluminum core

Using an aluminum core as the base material, the product is both lightweight and high strength. It won't warp, bend or distort as it ages, and it can be machined and installed in the same way as aluminum materials.

Color Variation

Sandy Brown


Dark Brown


KURATTICE ECO is made by the monolithic molding of aluminum and wood powder resin. It offers both premium design with a natural wood feel, and the strength and long-term durability of aluminum. KURATTICE ECO can be used for applications that take full advantage of these benefits.

  • 01

    Premium design

  • 02

    weather resistance

  • 03


  • 04


  • 05

    Supports large

  • 06


  • 01 Premium design

    Premium design

    Sanding is performed to achieve a natural bark texture.
    We can also manufacture endcaps and other peripheral materials to match the texture of KURATTICE ECO.
    Moreover, through post-machining, a consistent finish can be achieved.

  • 02 Durability, weather resistance

    Durability, weather resistance

    The resin surface is bonded firmly with the aluminum core. It firmly adheres to the aluminum core in high-temperature-variation and high-humidity environments, and there is no need to worry about problems like peeling, cracking, warping and bending. Moreover, KURATTICE ECO is resilient against changes in the climate and is not as prone to discoloration as real wood, and can therefore be used for various applications, including high-rise buildings, homes, exteriors, etc.

  • 03 Lightweight/Ease-of-installation


    KURATTICE ECO is a lightweight product that uses an aluminum core as the base material. This helps reduce the effort required for installation due to excellent onsite handling performance.

  • 04 Machinability/Bending


    KURATTICE ECO can be machined in the same way as aluminum material. Suitable for bending as is with its recycled wood texture, it's applicable to a broader range of designs and uses.

  • 05 Supports large cross-sections

    Supports large cross-sections

    By being creative with the design of the aluminum core, two cross-sections can be easily joined to form one super-large cross-section. After joining, the surface can be sanded to achieve a finish as though the two joined materials are actually one integrated product.

  • 06 Maintenance


    Even if scratches form in the surface, they can be made less visible by sanding with sandpaper.

Solutions & Workflow

KURATTICE ECO can be developed and designed to suit the requests of each site and various product themes. We will meet with customers onsite, carry out trial production, etc. in order to enable us to propose the optimal product.

  • Building Structure Support
  • Product Development Solutions

01.Design/Design Support

We design product cross-sections based on preliminary designs.
To suit the scale and volume of each specific project, we offer a wide range of services, from selecting the secondary materials considering details such as ends, external corners and joints to detailed design considering ease-of-installation.
The most important point is smoothly carrying out subsequent design work as this ultimately affects the final finish.
We begin design work based on design requirements and progress to detailed design through repeated onsite meetings.

Design/Design Support

02.Trial Production

In parallel to design work, we fabricate a mock-up utilizing existing molds.
By fabricating an actual-size mock-up, we can confirm any inconsistencies with the conceptualized design.
We sometimes take mock-ups to the actual construction site and perform a trial installation.

Trial Production

03.Mass Production

It takes 2-3 months from starting mold fabrication until initial mass production.
When fulfilling orders for construction projects, we work in close collaboration with the prime contractor as the schedule is often tight due to the overall construction timeframe, and shipping takes longer in the case of overseas projects.
*Please inquire separately as this may vary depending on the shape and/or size of the specific product.

Mass Production

04.Onsite Verification

For projects that we have prepared a detailed design, we perform onsite verification to ensure the installation we envisioned is achieved and whether or not the details are as per design specifications.

Onsite Verification

01.Theme Up

KURATICCE ECO is a development-type product that can be used in a broad range of genres, including but not limited to construction, exteriors and parks. We accept projects with various themes, including new applications and the renewal of existing products.

Theme Up

02.Design Review/Planning

In order to realize a certain theme, we participate in several meetings and then sort through the key points of development and design, performance requests, and other pertinent issues. We design products to meet various purposes and applications, considering elements such as design, cost, quality, assembly and ease-of-installation.

Design Review/Planning

03.Trial Production

We fabricate mock-ups in line with design drawings. Various experiments are conducted to ensure our product thoroughly satisfies all performance requests such as strength and durability. If the product requires installation, we will check and assess it for ease of installation.

Trial Production

04.Molding/Mass Production

Even after start-up, we do our best to improve productivity and quality in order to raise the level of user satisfaction to the highest possible level.

Molding/Mass Production

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