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Do you have any trouble about scanner?

  • Need to scan thick documents
  • Need to scan fragile and valuable documents
    without damaging it
  • Need to scan multiple documents in one scan
  • Need to create a clean drawing image file
    by scanning the old original
  • Need to scan three-dimensional objects

Kurabo products can resolve
a variety of troubles about scanner.

  • Supports thick documents and wide range of media

    Scans fragile media (such as tracing paper), thick books
    without damaging them

  • Scans extra details with optimum image
    capturing system

    Scans fine and thin lines crisply clean with high optical resolution

  • Never have to worry about damaging
    your precious originals

    Flatbed scanning is the safest way of scanning any originals

  • Large scanning area improves productivity

    Combining Kurabo scanning software with large scanning area
    gives the users new scanning options

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Product name Arch-D(A1) Size
Flatbed Color Scanner
Arch-E(A0) Size
Flatbed Color Scanner
Optical Resolution K-IS-A1FⅢ 400dpi / K-IS-A1FⅢplus 800dpi K-IS-A0FⅣ 1000dpi
Scan Speed A1, A1 plus - 17.5sec (color 400dpi) A0 - 17sec (color 300dpi)
Light Source LED
Interface 1000base - T network connection
Footswitch optional function
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In combination with
scanner related software...

You can easily create the layout
about city planning map and
aerial photography.

  • Aupier-GigaLay

    Raster Editing Tool
    (Layout software)

    Easy and smooth image editing tool specialized for extra large image data

  • Aupier-GigaStitch

    Raster Editing tool
    (stitches 2 img by 2 selected point)

    Stitches the 2 separate scanned img together accurately and smoothly

  • KB-COPY2

    Intuitive and
    Easy Image Editing Tool

    KB-COPY2 allows multiple adjustments to be made on the scanned image via viewer in real-time

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Case Studies

Example for BluePrint company

  • Scanning & copying in service bureau.
  • Tanaka BluePrint Co. Ltd. provides various types of copying and print services.
    Main customers are Railway companies and Government offices who need to reproduce drawings or scan and digitize book originals.
    Some railway drawings are as long as 20m to 30m.
    Tanaka BluePrint is equipped with the latest digital scanners and copiers in order to cope with increasing and more demanding digitizing jobs.

  • Usage and Benefit of the Flatbed scanner
  • Large book original scanning

    Benefiting from the scanner’s large depth of field, the flatbed scanner is being
    used to scan “uneven surface documents” such as bound books and Japanese
    “Washi” paper. Also it is used to scan fragile documents which need to be handled
    with care. When the original is larger than A1 size, Kurabo’s Aupier-GigaLay software is used with the scanner to stitch the divided img.

  • 2 flatbed scanners are working full time in the Print office

    Improving the productivity of book scanning using both monochrome and color scanners.

  • Utilizing the existing scanner and copier in conjunction with the Kurabo software

    Aupier-Copy and KB software enables the scanner to send scanned img directly to the existing copiers.

Example for Printing company

  • Inspection and plate check in printing process.
  • As print production is digitized, high quality requirements from customers are getting higher. Therefore, quality control is very important. However, the inspection process increases, so delivery times and costs increase. A company introduced a A0 size Flatbed scanner and it is possible to drastically reduce the time spent on inspection. In the inspection process so far, they scanned printed samples with an A3 size scanner,
    compared the image data with the original digital data, and inspected for dirt and blur. Up to now, A0 size size double-sided printed materials were cut into A4 size, 8 documents were scanned on both sides (total of 16 scans), and comparisons were made 16 times. This time, they introduced the A0 flatbed scanner, drastically improved work productivity by doing two scans (front and back) and two comparisons without separating printed materials.

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  • Q. Please provide the list of supported OS.
  • A.  Windows 7/8.1/10(64BIT).Mac is not supoorted.
  • Q. How much power does the scanner consume?
  • A.  Approximately 95W (scanning), 25w (standby) for K-IS-A1FⅢ, 150W (scanning), 38W (standby) for K-IS-A0FⅣ
  • Q. Please advise the recommended minimum computer requirements.
  • A.  PROCESSOR: CPU Core i7 or i5 / MEMORY: 16GB, HD320GB / MONITOR: 1920 x 1080 (minimum 1280 x 1024), NIC 1000BASE-T, 1 available slot for PCI Express, Windows 7/8.1/10(64bit)
  • Q. Is any maintenance service available?
  • A.  Yes. Please contact Kurabo for details.
  • Q. Do you provide sample scans?
  • A.  Yes. Please send Kurabo the original document for scanning.


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Arch-D(A1) Size Flatbed Color Scanner
Product Name A1 Flatbed scanner
Scanning Method Stationary document with moving optics
Light Source White LED
Optical System Reduction Optical System
Sensor RGB 3-line CCD sensor
Max Document size A1 size (609.6mm × 914.4mm)
Optical Resolution K-IS-A1FⅢ:400dpi
K-IS-A1FⅢ Plus :800dpi
Image Scanning Resolution K-IS-A1FⅢ : 50 to 800dpi (adjustable by 1 dpi increments)
K-IS-A1FⅢ Plus : 50dpi to Max 1600dpi (adjustable by 1 dpi increments)
Accuracy ±0.05% ±1pixel
Pixel Gradation RGB 16bits each red, green and blue
Output Data 24bit color・16/8bit gray
Interface 1000base-T 1000base - T network connection
Dimensions 1,620mm(W) × 859.5mm(D) × 1,024mm(H)
Weight 157kg (Includes scanner stand)
Power supply AC100-240V 50/60Hz 250VA
Arch-E(A0) Size Flatbed Color Scanner
Product Name A0 Flatbed scanner
Scanning Method Stationary document with moving optics
Light Source Adjustable Dual LED (Front and Back)
Optical System Reduction Optical System
Sensor RGB 3-line CCD sensor
Max Document size A0 size (920mm × 1270mm)
Optical Resolution 1000dpi
Image Scanning Resolution 50dpi to Max 2000dpi (adjustable by 1dpi increments)
Accuracy ±0.1%±1pixel
Pixel Gradation RGB 12bits each red, green and blue
Output Data 24/36bit color ・ 16/8bit gray ・ 1bit monochrome
Interface 1000base-T Network connection
Dimensions 1,880mm(W) × 1,240mm(D) × 810mm(H)
Weight 280kg
Power supply AC100-240V 50/60Hz