Chemical Products Division


Our technologies have proven themselves in a variety of occasions in everyday life and society

With its beginning in the urethane foam business in order to supply mattresses and heat insulators, the Division has continued to evolve beyond the bounds of chemical products.

Business is now wide-ranged, including automobile interior materials such as seat and ceiling material, building materials such as interior and exterior house construction materials, insulators for apartments, residential houses and low-temperature distribution warehouses, films for electronic components, automobile interiors and solar cells, semiconductors and related liquid crystal and OA equipment, as well as industrial and household materials which are used in daily life. The business strategy for all these domains is growth in niche markets utilizing our unique technologies.

The Division has constructed a new factory for functional film business, established ultra-high temperature extrusion molding technologies, and entered the super engineering plastic films with high heat resistance business.

In addition, the Division has also strengthened its overseas production bases in order to realize swift and efficient production, sales and delivery which satisfy the needs of the customer and ensure quality on a global scale.

Main Products

Kurara Foam (flexible urethane foam)

This uniform-celled porous foam is light and soft with cushioning, shock absorbing, acoustic absorption and heat insulating properties. It can be used in various applications common in everyday life and which can improve QOL, including mattresses, pressure relieving pillows, automobile seats, sponge and food packaging materials.

SoftyCell ONE (spray insulator for housing)

In this new insulating system, an liquid concentrate of polyurethane foam is directly sprayed on the building at the construction site. It features low density and very light weight. The high thermal and air insulating properties contribute to energy saving.

Kuranbeter (hot-melt adhesive film)

Unlike ordinary adhesives, this is a film. The film is heat-melted and adheres as it cools. No solvents are used, so the film is an environment-friendly adhesive and can be used in various fields including the automobile and electronic device industries.

Interior and exterior decorative materials for housing

We seek functionality to keep a house comfortable, a beautiful design to match the environment and high quality which lasts. A variety of interior and exterior decorative materials developed with our unique molding technologies are available.

Neyagawa Plant

Products : Rigid polyurethane foam, synthetic wood, Precision products

Location : Neyagawa, Osaka

Susono Plant

Products : Flexible polyurethane foam, Flame laminating

Location : Susono, Shizuoka

Gunma Plant

Products : Decorative ceramic exterior materials

Location : Sezaki, Gunma

Kamogata Plant

Products : Flexible polyurethane foam, Flame laminating

Location : Asaguchi, Okayama

Mie Plant

Products : Functional film

Location : Tsu, Mie

  • 1962 The Neyagawa Plant was constructed to branch out into the polyurethane foam business.
  • 1963 The Chemical Products Division was organized.
  • 1971 Commenced synthetic woods and adhesives business.
  • 1971 The Susono Plant was completed.
  • 1984 Established a department for precision filtration.
  • 1989 The Gunma Plant was completed, began marketing inorganic building materials.
  • 1994 Completed the Kamogata Plant.
  • 2001 Guangzhou Kurabo Chemicals Co.,Ltd was established in China.
  • 2010 Kurashiki Chemical Products Do Brasil Ltda. was established in Brazil.
  • 2012 Completion of the Mie Plant for functional films
  • 2013 GUANGZHOU KFC PLASTICS CO.,LTD., a molded product production company, was established in China.


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