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Nucleic acid isolation systems

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Nucleic Acid Isolation System


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Key Features

DNA isolation from large volume sample

QuickGene-Mini8L can be used for DNA isolation from large volume samples and allows to get high-yield of DNA at a single run.
(ex. 2 ml of whole blood, 5 mg of mouse liver)

Revolutionary porous membrane

The QuickGene-Mini8L uses patented porous membrane less than 100 μm thick. Depending on the outstanding adsorption/desorption performances of the membrane, high-purity nucleic acid can be easily obtained in high yield at low pressure. The ultra thin membrane enables nucleic acid isolation in shorter time than when compared to glass fiber membranes.

High-Yield, High-Quality

QuickGene-Mini8L can be used to isolate high-yield, high-purity and long DNA fragments of maximum 90 kbp length. The isolated DNA can be directly applied to PCR, RT-PCR, next generation sequencing analysis, DNA microarray, restriction enzyme digestion, southern blotting, etc.

2ml of human whole blood sample (Leukocyte 5.2x103/μl)
DNA Yield & Purity
 DNA Yield (μg)     64.41
 Purity (260/280)     1.90
 Purity (260/230)     1.98

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