DNA extraction from large volume samples

GENE PREP STAR NA-480PLUS automates DNA extraction from blood (maximum 10 ml) ,saliva (maximum 4 ml) samples and more. 15 samples (blood 10 ml / saliva 4 ml) and 30 samples (blood 5 ml / saliva 2 ml) per run can be processed. This feature brings pure and high yields DNA

Fully automated extractor from primary tubes to storage tubes

GENE PREP STAR NA-480PLUS loads a variety of primary tubes directly onto the instrument. Additinally, sample identification with barcode is conducted inside of the instrument. This seamless automated DNA extraction system dispenses processed samples in storage tubes when the operation is completed.

Secure sample ID

Sample tracking software is included in this product. Barcode reading system is equipped inside and it enables accurate sample management.


Large volume of blood DNA (Maximum 10 ml)

● Use case ; Clinical testing, Biobanking, Cohort study, Livestock research etc.

Saliva DNA (Maximum 4 ml)

● Use case ; Clinical testing, Cohort study, Infectious disease study etc.

Reagent Kits & Consumables

Reagent kit for blood DNA
Product Name Product Number Contents (Quantity)
Reagent kit for blood DNA NR-120 300 preps
Reagent kit for saliva DNA NR-130 300 preps
Consumable 5-hole tube NT-2100S 64 units (5 holes × 64 units)
Pipette Tips T-1100 10 racks (1,000 pieces)


Product name Automated DNA extraction system GENE PREP STAR
Model NA-480 PLUS
Number of maximum samples Blood 0.5∼5 ml, Saliva 0.5∼2 ml: 30 samples
Blood 5 ml∼10 ml, Saliva 2 ml∼4 ml: 15 samples
DNA collection container 96 well plate
Sample ID tracking Software is included as standard *PC with Microsoft Windows7 or Windows10 are required
Protocols Blood 5 ml、Blood 10 ml、Saliva 2 ml、Saliva 4 ml
Power supply Single phase AC 100-230V *2 lines are required (1KVA+0.5KVA)
External dimentions W1,610 x D760 x H1,535 (mm)
Weight Approx. 488 kg