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infectious disease testing, disgnosis, virus research



QuickGene-Auto12S / 24S is a benchtop-sized automated nucleic acid extraction system that can process multiple samples simultaneously. Various applications for any sample. Furthermore, it uses pre-packed reagents, making it ideal for labor saving in laboratories.

MAX Volume:200 µl

MAX Throughput:12 or 24 sampels

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QuickGene-Mini480 is a compact nucleic acid extraction system that simplifies the nucleic acid extraction process. The work-time is greatly reduced because centrifugation is not required. Up to 48 samples can be processed in one operation.

MAX Volume:200 µl

MAX Thoughput:48 sampels

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Consumable kit & Reagent

  • QuickGene
    • AS-RV
    • AS-DT
    • AS-RT
    • DT-S
    • RT-S2