Simple and quick work

QuickGene-Mini480 does not require centrifugal operation for nucleic acid extraction process. All process for nucleic acid extraction is completed on your desk.

The compact design for usability

This small and lightweight devide is easy to carry. It fits into the limited space of your laboratory desk.

Multichannel pipettes are applicable

It is compatible with 8 channel pipettes and can process 48 samples easily and quickly.



Case study: Clinical examination, Basic medical research, Livestock improvement, Breeding stock test etc.

Animal tissue DNA/RNA

Plant tissue DNA/RNA

Case study: Basic biology, Agricultural biotechnology, Breeding, Variety determination


Case study: Clinical examination, Oncology

Cultured cell DNA/RNA

Case study: Basic medical research, Drug development research


E. coli Plasmid DNA

Case study: Basic medical research, Genetic engineering

Reagent Kits & Consumables

Product Name Product Number Contents (Quantity)
DNA whole blood kit S DB-S 96 samples
DNA tissue kit S DT-S 96 samples
RNA blood cell kit S RB-S 96 samples
RNA tissue kit S RT-SⅡ 96 samples
RNA cultured cell kit S RC-S 96 samples
RNA culured cell HC kit S RC-SⅡ 96 samples
Plasmid kit S PL-SⅡ 96 samples


Product name QuickGene-Mini480
Number of maximum samples 48 samples
DNA collection container Specialized collection tube included in kits
Power supply AC100 - 240V 50/60 Hz
External dimentions W280 x D255 x H295 mm
Weight Approx. 3.3 kg