High throughput model for automated multi-sample processing.

GENE PREP STAR PI-1200A can process max. 384 samples (96well×4) in one time.

Low runnning cost

Required consumables are 96 deep well plate, dedicated pipette tip and dedicated reagents.

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Plasmid DNA

Case study: Basic medical research, Genetic engineering

Animal Tissue DNA

Case study: Basic medical research, Drug development research, Agricultural biotechnology, Livestock improvement, Breeding stock test

Plant Tissue DNA

Case study: Basic biology, Agricultural biotechnology, breeding, Variety determination

Reagent Kits & Consumables

Product Name Product Number Contents (Quantity)
Reagent kit for plasmid PR-500 equivalent to 820 samples
Reagent kit for animal tisseue NR-201 equivalent to 670 samples
Reagent kit for plant tissue (ver.1) NR-501 equivalent to 680 samples
Pipette tip AGPT-1002R, T-1000B 10 lacks (1,000)


Product name Automated DNA extraction system GENE PREP STAR
Model PI-1200A
Number of maximum samples 384 samples
DNA collection container 96 well deep plate
Protocols Plasmid, Animal tissue DNA, Plant tissue DNA ver.1
Power supply Instrument: Single phase AC200V, 50/60Hz, 1.8kVA
PC: AC100V、50/60Hz
External dimentions W 1,820 x D750 x H1,650 mm
Weight Approx. 580 kg