Various types of sample

GENE PREP STAR PI-480α is good for plasmid DNA extraction from E. coli culture medium and various animal tissue and plant tissue. We propose optimal treatment according to animal species and tissue.

Process multiple samples at once

Forty-eight samples can be processed per run. Maximum throughput is 192 samples per run with additional tube supply unit.

Flexibility of parameter settings

Parameters such as amount of reagent added, mixing time, and centrifugation time can be set according to the sample type and experimental conditions. Memory function for parameters enables to customize it as optimal settings.


Plasmid DNA

Case study: Basic medical research, Genetic engineering

Animal Tissue DNA

Case study: Basic medical research, Drug development research, Agricultural biotechnology, Livestock improvement, Breeding stock test

Stool DNA

Case study: Basic research, Microbiome (bacterial flora analysis, intestinal flora research)-related

Plant Tissue DNA

Case study: Basic biology, Agricultural biotechnology, breeding, variety determination

Caltured cell DNA

medical research, drug discovery research

Reagent Kits & Consumables

Product Name Product Number Contents (Quantity)
Reagent kit for plasmid PR-200 equivalent to 820 samples
Reagent kit for animal tissue NR-201 equivalent to 670 samples
Reagent kit for plant tissue (ver.1) NR-501 equivalent to 680 samples
Reagent kit for plant tissue (ver.2) NR-502 equivalent to 660 samples
Dedicated 8-hole tube (Blue; for samples) PT-8000 64 (5-hole×64)
Dedicated 8-hole tube (White; for collecting genome) NT-8000 64 (5-hole×64)


Product name Automated DNA extraction system GENE PREP STAR
Model PI-480α
Number of maximum samples 48 samples (Maximum 192 samples when the tube supply unit is installed)
DNA collection container Dedicated 8-hole tube (5-hole tube and 6-hole tube are also available)
Protocols Plasmid, Animal tissue DNA, Plant tissue DNA ver.1, Plant tissue DNA ver.2
Power supply Single phase AC 100-230V
External dimentions W720 x D670 x H1,535 (mm)
Weight Approx. 240 kg