Processes in 40 minutes with easy operation

The QuickGene-Mini8L processes up to 8 samples per run in 40 minutes. This instrument is a efficient solution for large volume DNA and cfDNA isolation and the procedure including whole blood DNA, Plasma cell free DNA, saliva DNA and bone marrow DNA protocol is very simple, easy and rapid. Also it's easy to implement our QuickGene system at an affordable price.

Ultra-thin membrane for efficient capture of DNA

QuickGene uses ultra-thin porous membrane that is only 80µm thick. it captures nucleic acid in high yield with high purity as it has great adsorption and desorption performances.

Compact design and good usability

The small, lightweight QuickGene-Mini8L takes up minimal space on your lab bench and is easy to carry. No need to mive your samples from the lab bench as centrifugation and complex operation is not required in this protocols. The dimentions are W280 x D255 x H295. The weight is 3.3 kg. Our QuickGene-Mini8L and kit are reasonably priced and adopted for cfDNA / ctDNA extraction in a lot of hospitals.


Blood DNA

● Use case: Clinical testing, Medical research, Breeding stock testing etc.

Animal tissue DNA

● Use case: Medical research, Drug discovery, Agricultural biotechnology, Breeding stock testing

Saliva DNA

● Use case: Clinical testing, Cohort study, Infectious disease study etc.

Plasma cfDNA

cfDNA extraction, ctDNA extraction from plasma

● Use case: Clinical testing, Oncology, NIPT etc.

Reagent Kits & Consumables

nucleic acid isolation kit
Product Name Product Number Contents (Quantity)
DNA whole blood kit L DB-L 48 preps
DNA tissue kit L DT-L 48 preps
Cell-free DNA kit CF-L 48 preps


Product name QuickGene-Mini8L
Number of maximum samples 8 samples (max. 2 ml)
DNA collection container 1.5 ml microtube
Power supply AC100 - 240V 50/60 Hz
External dimentions W280 x D255 x H295 mm
Weight Approx. 3.3 kg