Concentration Meter

KURABO’s Concentration Meter features long-term stability, high accuracy, and high response speed.
It is ideal for production sites for semiconductors and liquid crystal panels where control of chemical concentration is critical. It contributes to the reduction of downtime in the production process while ensuring high reliability, long life, and long-term stability.

Product classification

Inline type

ChemicAlyzer AceII (High performance type)

Allows highly accurate measurement. An inline type system allowing simultaneous measurement of up to 4 components.

Product Details

ChemicAlyzer Pro-2 (Standard type)

KURABO’s bestselling standard concentration meter model. Compact type integrating a data processing unit and measurement unit.

Product Details


Sealed structure and fluoroplastic coating provide superior resistance to corrosion and the environment.

Product Details

Offline wagon type


All-in-one wagon with superior total balance for measuring various kinds of chemical solutions with a single system

Product Details

Sinple wagon

Reasonably priced wagon for a particular chemical solution. Ideal model for off-line control of chemical concentrations in various processes.

Product Details

List of chemical solutions by device type

For semiconductor industry

Main chemical solutionConcentration range (wt%)
NH3-H202 NH3 0 - 5
H202 0 - 5
H2SO4-H202 H2SO4 70 - 90
H2O2 0 - 5
HCI-H202 HCI 0 - 10
H2O2 0 - 5
HF-H202 HF 0 - 5
H2O2 0 - 5
HF-NH4F HF 0 - 5
NH4F 34 - 40
H3PO4 H3PO4 70 - 89
HF-HNO3 HF 0 - 5
HNO3 50 - 70

For general industry

Other solutions applied in the past
HF-HCL Acid value-OH value
HCl-FeCI3 Trace water in DMAC
KOH-surfactant KI-HBO4
Trace water in ethanol Ethel
N2H4-KOH-NH3 Ethanol-acetic acid
Resist separation liquid CH3COOH-Co
Metallic etching liquid Minute amount of metallic ion

Measurement principle

Concentration Meter
Each material has a different wavelength for absorbing light and the amount of absorbance varies according to its concentration. This instrument measures these changes for concentration measurement.

Light of eight specific wavelengths irradiates the load cell which is filled with chemical, and the concentration is measured from the intensity of each wavelength.

It is necessary to create a calibration curve, which is a formula expressing the relationship between concentration and absorbance (amount of light absorbance).
However, it is unnecessary for customers to create a calibration curve themselves because the instrument is delivered after the calibration curve is created by KURABO.
The customer can use the system as just a concentration meter.