LED Sealing Material


  • check_boxIt is difficult to mix powders such as phosphors and dispersants uniformly.
  • check_boxThe materials are expensive, but improving the yield is difficult.
  • check_boxMixing and defoaming process is time-consuming.


  • check_boxHigh shear force enables uniform defoaming and improved performance (brightness).
  • check_boxThe yield rate can be improved by non-contact manner.
  • check_boxDefoaming can be done simultaneously with mixing, which shortens the processing time.

Test Result

Uniform mixing when the revolution speed is set at 1:1.

Test Result01
Revolution speed: Rotation speed = 1:0.4
There is a few phosphor precipitates.
Test Result02
Revolution speed: Rotation speed = 1:1
No phosphor precipitates.

Recommended models

2 axis 350g×2 cups
2 axis 1kg×2 cups

Independently variable revolution/rotation speed (2 axis)

Independently variable revolution and rotational ratio are advantageous for mixing materials with large differences in specific gravity, such as silicone resin/epoxy resin and phosphor.

Vacuum model

Prevents degradation in quality due to fine bubbles.