Lithium ion battery

The thickness of separator base films and the various heat-resistant coating layers of lithium-ion batteries can be measured simultaneously and separately.

Measurement method


  • Grammage of LIB separator base films
  • Coating thickness of LIB separators
  • Simultaneous measurement of the above
  • Measurement of various trace components for wet and dry processes
  • RX-4100/4100

    Measurement specifications
    Measurement method Infrared absorption method
    Spectroscopy Rotating filter method(Six filters can be mounted.)
    Measurement distance 20mm (emitter unit to the detector unit: 40mm)
    Measurement area 20×30mm(oval) RX-4000: 2 spots, RX-4100: 1 spot
    Main unit specifications
    Sensor head
    • Outer dimensions:
      emitter unit 410mm(W)×164mm(D)×190mm(H) (Excluding protruding parts)
      detector unit 410mm(W)×164mm(D)×190mm(H) (Excluding protruding parts)
    Weight: emitter unit 10.4kg, detector unit 8.6kg
    Relay unit Outer dimensions: 322mm(W)×140mm(D)×113mm(H) (Excluding protruding parts)
    Weight: 4kg
    Power supply: AC100-240V±10%
    External output Selectable from Analog 0 – 10V or 4-20mA (preset before shipment)
    Operating temperature 5 – 40 deg. C (No dew condensation, air purging is mandatory in ambient temperatures above 35°C)