Laminated film, soft packaging

Thickness variations in the substrates have no effect on measurement.
The system helps control the adhesive mixing ratio, and pot life to prevent delamination.

Measurement method


  • Coating weight of adhesive, detecting mixing ratio, and controlling mixing ratio, and controlling pot life, for laminate films
  • Coating weight of heat seal for aluminum lids
  • Coating thickness of wrapping films for lithium-ion batteries
  • Thickness of various plastic films and multi-layer films
  • RX-2000/2000L

    Measurement specifications
    Measurement method Infrared absorption method
    Spectroscopy Rotating filter method(Six filters can be mounted.)
    Measurement distance 25mm (from the lower surface of the main unit)
    Measurement area Reflection measurement: 5×8mm (oval),
    Transmittance measurement: 10×15mm×2spots
    Main unit specifications
    Sensor head Outer dimensions: 230mm(W)×134mm(D)×90mm(H) (Excluding protruding parts)
    Weight(RX-2000)3.3kg  (RX-2000L):3.5Kg
    Relay unit Outer dimensions: 250mm(W)×140mm(D)×113mm(H) (Excluding protruding parts)
    Weight: 3kg
    Power supply: AC100-240V±10%
    External output RX-2000: Selectable from Analog 0 – 10V or 4-20mA (preset before shipment)
    RX-2000L: Digital output to host PC by RS422A
    Operating temperature 5 – 40 deg. C (No dew condensation)