AFVI systems for HDI/Flex PCB: BBMaster

BBMaster can do the job for you!

Allows highly accurate inspection for general PCBs, LED mounted PCBs, ceramic boards, metallic boards, etc.
A super high-speed switching camera developed by Kurabo and a high performance optical systems are mounted on a transfer device fitted with the customer’s PCB.
KURABO can provide sophisticated AFVI systems employing special cameras, lightings and image processing technology that is the best suitable for the customer those who are not satisfied with conventional AFVI systems.

Best suitable for the inspection of:

SmartphoneMain PCB, sub PCB
AutomotiveABS, airbags, speed meters, car navigation systems, raders, high power LED, etc.
AmusementMain PCB, power supply boards, LED mounted PCB, generator PCB
WirelessWifi, BT
CameraCamera modules
LEDLED chips, mounted PCB, ceramic boards
GeneralMother board systems, power supply systems, gold plated terminals


Special switching camera

KURABO's camera generate true color and direct reflection images simultaneously.

High resolution camera made by ourself

16,000 pixel high resolution camera can identify defects that cannot be detected with conventional cameras.

Flexibly customized

BBMaster can be customized according to the customer’s requirements.

Wide variety of judgment functions

Clearly display the general view and each inspection spot and store defect results, images, sums, and histories to reduce human error in the inspection process.

Specifications 1100V 7000 8800 BMV
Production Mass production
Limited production
Target General
Rigid flexible
Size Large format
L size
4 inch
Minimum size

Product lineup

Series 1100V 7000 8800 BMV
Model - - - Microscope verification
Appearance 1100V 7000 8800 BMV
PCB handling Table Table Rail Table
Camera 16,000 pixel/line 16,000 pixel/line 16,000 pixel/line 1.3 million pixel
Color / Monochrome Color monochrome integrated Color monochrome integrated Color monochrome integrated Color
Lighting High speed switching LED High speed switching LED High speed switching LED LED、Fluorescent lamp
Product size [mm] 250W x 350L 250W × 350L 250W x 350L 250W × 350L
Inspection speed 15sec/st 4~20sec/st 5〜8sec/st -