BMV 1000 (Verifying station with stereomicroscope / optional defect marking function)

Initials of “bad”, “marking”, and “verify.”
Ideal for verification process of package or module PCB.



High-speed, high-accurate microscope centering function

Automatic centering of microscope field based on coordinate information, allowing a great reduction in measurement stress and time.

Defect mark checking function

Provides a defect marking function and a function for preventing missing markings and confirmation failures.

Verifying results summing function

Analyzes causes of failure for early detection and the improvement of problems in the process.

Applicable product and optical equipment

Specifications BMV1000
Applicable product 170x170 mm *A wide version of up to 196x280 mm is available on request.
Fixing Vacuum adsorption, blower adsorption
Applicable microscope Selectable by consultation
Trinocular microscope checking camera / lighting equipment
Marking checking camera / lighting equipment

Main body specifications

Specifications BMV1000
Dimensions 1,300W x 1,100H x 700D (mm)
Power supply Single-phase AC100V 50/60Hz 15A
Pneumatic source 0.5MPa 90NL/min