An ideal machine for continuous inspection of large volume lots


Compact design

Simple design and easy operation

High speed inspection

Enables efficient inspection of approximately 5 seconds for each PCB.

Reducing false alarms with full-color processing

A color line sensor camera, image processing engine, and specialized lighting developed by KURABO are mounted on the system. Any defect can be detected on PCBs having complex surface treatments.


Specifications BBMaster8800
Applicable PCB size * 50 x 50 mm–250 mm x 330 mm t = 0.4-2.4 mm
Optical resolution ** Selectable: 10, 12,16, 20, 25, 35 μm/pix (factory default)
Inspection items Exposed copper, scratches, dents, foreign materials, discoloring, dirt, etc. on a pad or resist Various defects in silk, V-cut, QFP, BGA, fine line, through-holes, etc.
Processing performance Approx. 5 sec/sheet (Maximum value in non-inspection mode) Approx. 4-6 seconds/sheet; machine tact: fastest value
Camera Color monochrome integrated high-speed switching line sensor camera (16,000 pix/7,450 pix)
Lighting equipment High-speed switching high luminance LED light (RGB + white)
PCB stock capacity Maximum loading height 550 mm, 120 kg
Registration / Setting Mouse and keyboard operation
Inspection Touch panel / button operation (inspection start, suspension, emergency stop, etc.)
Dimensions 2,500W×1,050D×1,950H (mm)(without protrusion)
Weight Approx. 1,500 kg
Power supply Single-phase AC220V 50/60Hz 30A (This may change depending on the number of PCs)
Pneumatic source 0.5MPa, 150NL/min, connection port: air coupler (hose inner diameter 12)

* Customize available to accommodate other size/width PCBs.
** Optical resolution may be changed upon request.