The beliefs, teachings, and spirit passed from generation to generation since Kurabo’s founding is deeply ingrained in the company and embodied in the way it does things. Let’s look at Kurabo’s history of taking on numerous challenges through its business in order to solve society’s problems, and at what the company is doing to ensure its future.


Kurabo’s thoughts

Management Philosophy

The Kurabo Group contributes to a better future through the creation of new value.

Kurabo’s key phrases

Be of one mind and
make concerted efforts

There are all kinds of people at Kurabo—bull-headed and meddlesome, rookies and veterans. We believe it’s important for all of them, whatever their gender or nationality, to work as a team by pooling their unique personalities and roles. By respecting people’s diversity and uniting them in heart and mind, we gain the power to create new things.

Humility bears profit

Always set lofty goals and summon up all your knowledge to achieve these goals. Even hitting a wall provides an opportunity to grow. And when you succeed, don’t let it go to your head. Continue striving, and move steadily and earnestly ahead. Even if you’re number 1, always strive to do even better, as if you were number 2 or number 3. If you remain humble and continuously aspire to better yourself, new success is sure to come.

The Two and Three mark

This symbol represents the mindset of our company motto, “Humility bears profit.” When people become the best, this success can go to their heads and they tend to slack off. The Two and Three mark means that, even if you become the best at something, you should continue to work as hard as someone who is second or third and is trying to be number one.

Giving it everything we’ve got

Take on new challenges without fear of change. Even if you fail, leverage that failure to advantage. Use your boundless curiosity to furiously forge ahead. Carrying on the spirit of challenge symbolized by the words of Koshiro Ohara, Kurabo’s first president, the Kurabo Group will continue to spur innovation.


Origins of Kurabo

Origins of our future orientation

Kurabo’s second president, Magosaburo Ohara

“I can see 10 years into the future.”

Kurabo’s second president, Magosaburo Ohara, was fond of this phrase. Unfettered by past conventions, he expanded business by looking to the future and innovating.
He later said the following. “If you ask 10 people if they agree with your plan, you should get started even if only two or three people agree. If only one person agrees, launching the plan would be too hasty, but if you wait for five people to agree, you’ll already be too late once you get started. And if you wait for seven or eight people to agree, don’t even bother with the plan.” True to these words, Magosaburo often doggedly pursued his ideals in the face of opposition from those around him.
He sought to continue taking on challenges with a view to the future in order to solve society’s problems. The ideas and desires of Magosaburo are carried on today in Kurabo’s DNA.

Origins of our solutions
for social issues

Ever since its foundation, Kurabo has sought to solve society’s problems through its business.
Let’s look back at how Kurabo has striven to solve the social problems that it has faced over the years.


Kurashiki Village had no other major industries besides cotton cultivation


Koshiro Ohara agreed to invest in a spinning mill proposed by several eager young local men who were determined to establish a large industry in Kurashiki. Kurashiki Spinning Works was launched with Koshiro as its inaugural president.


Many citizens of the time didn’t have an elementary education


An elementary school was established in the spinning mill’s employee lodgings. Employees who had always wanted to go to school could now receive basic education and study personal development at Kurabo.


Harsh working environments were the norm in those days


Detached family housing units for employees, much like those of today, were built. In addition, the employees’ working environment was improved with things like a medical clinic and a sewing room in the mill.


Electricity was starting to replace steam engines


Foreseeing that electricity would inevitably revolutionize industry, Magosaburo Ohara established Kurashiki Dento (now the Chugoku Electric Power Co., Inc.). The power plant provided electricity to the surrounding citizens.


Seemingly endless late night shifts and a harsh work environment


The Kurashiki Labor Science Institute (now the Ohara Memorial Institute for Science of Labor) was established in order to improve work environments through scientific analysis.


The Spanish flu was sweeping through western Japan


To ensure good health for Kurabo employees and to make up for the lack of medical facilities to treat local residents, the Kurabo Central Hospital (now the Kurashiki Central Hospital) was established with state-of-the-art facilities and equipment.

Origins of our businesses

The business and products of Kurabo today have their origin in our predecessors’ spirit to boldly and constantly take on new challenges and in their passion to keep looking ahead.

From its origins in the textile business, the Kurabo Group has continued to expand into a wide range of business fields. Let’s look at our history of diversification and community service, from company foundation up to the present.


Kurabo’s very first head office mill achieved new life in 1973 when it was renovated into a hotel and cultural complex called Kurashiki Ivy Square. The renovation work retained as much as possible the building’s original exterior and its tree-lined grounds.

History of Kurashiki Ivy Square


Where Kurabo is heading

Bring the world something exciting.

“Giving it everything we’ve got.” These words, spoken by Koshiro Ohara, Kurabo’s first president, reflect our history as a company that has harnessed curiosity and dynamism to provide new value for society.

If something is on your mind, do something about it. Take on every challenge without fear of change. If it doesn’t exist, let’s make it.
Kurabo’s passion to challenge is as strong today as it was when we were first founded. “Always strive to make people happy, and when you decide to do something, see it through to the very end.” We believe that if you keep this in mind in your work, it will lead to the creation of ever more amazing products. Based on this belief, the Kurabo Group has continuously striven to create new value.

We will continue towards our goal of being an innovative company that can change the future.

Haruya Fujita, President

Change the future through proprietary technologies

We constantly innovate and integrate the wide range of technologies we have built up through diversification in order to create new businesses. “If it doesn’t exist, let’s make it.” By thinking outside the box in this way, we spur innovation in research and development that leads to products and services that benefit future society.

Change the future by facing society’s challenges

The bedrock of the Kurabo Group’s corporate activities is the spirit of helping society that has been handed down since Kurabo was founded. We continue to put this spirit into action towards the ultimate goal of solving social problems and realizing a sustainable world. To this end, the entire group strives to create a workplace conducive to making valuable new products and services that contribute to people’s health and safety and that protect the environment.

Kurabo’s people
will change the future

We want to get people excited—that’s the spirit we foster as we use our curiosity and dynamism to create new things. Kurabo employees are taking to heart the president’s 130th anniversary message of “Bring the world something exciting.” We’ll introduce these employees’ ambitions and the valuable new products and services they are creating.