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Automated DNA/RNA isolationwill help your routine analytical work.

Benchtop device for automated DNA/RNA isolation. QuickGene-Auto12S and QuickGene-Auto24S can realize short operation time due to simultaneous processing of multiple samples. They use specific pre-filled and sealed reagent strips. You can get benefit of low contamination risk and reduced burden.

KURABO released "QuickGene-Auto240L"


overview of the mechanical design

Automated DNA isolation from primary to final DNA strage tubes realize a true walk-away operation.

QuickGene-Auto240L uses a patented porous membrane to realize a quick and high quality, high yield in nucleic acid extraction. And this is the first automated system using QuickGene unique membrane production technology to isolate 2ml whole blood genomic DNA from primary tube samples to final DNA strage tubes.Automated the previous manual labor to reduce user's burden and support their high throughput in routine analytical work.

“ NA-480 PLUS” as a new product of GenePrepStar


Automated DNA isolation system: for large volume whole blood

NA-480 PLUS process the DNA extraction and isolation work with better efficiency and bring better results.
*Easy to use: Totally automates entire process for genomic DNA extraction from primary tubes to DNA strage tubes
*Customer's Safety: Safety level improved by eliminating errors
*Sample Identification: Features sample tracking and reporting software



KURABO released "QuickGene-Mini480"

QuickGene-Mini480 is a compact designed nucleic acid isolation device. It has capable for up to 48 samples per process withount no centrifugation in the isolation process, giving less strain to samples and enable rapid nucleic acid isolation.

Kurabo released “PI-480 / NA-480” as a new product of GenePrepStar family


KURABO Industries Ltd launched new product of PI-480 and NA-480 as parts of its “GenePrepStar” family, which features fully automation DNA isolation system. PI-480 enables DNA isolation from bacterial sample, plant, animal tissues and so on. NA-480 is suitable for DNA isolation from maximum 7ml whole blood sample. Both of the machines have built-in centrifuge and it makes possible the fully automated process from cell collection to precipitation and hydration of isolated DNA.

Quick Gene: Small Desktop


Automated DNA isolation system

QuickGene rapidly insolates DNA/RNA from varied samples with high quality and high yield. QuickGene takes up minimal space on the lab bench. The system uses a porous, highly adsorptive membrane developed through application of advanced polymer membrane production technology.

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