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Establishments in Japan

Osaka Head Office
4-31, 2-chome, Kyutaro-machi, Chuo-ku, Osaka 541-8581

TEL.+81-6-6266-5111    FAX.+81-6-6266-5555  [ MAP ]

Tokyo Branch
Nomura Fudosan Nihonbashi-honcho Bldg. 2F, 7-1, 2-chome, Nihonbashi-honcho, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 103-0023

TEL.+81-3-3639-7001    FAX.+81-3-3639-7004  [ MAP ]


March 9,1888


22,040 million of yen


Representative Director / President    Haruya Fujita


Representative Director / President Haruya Fujita
Representative Director / Managing Exective Officer Atsushi Kitabatake
Representative Director / Managing Exective Officer Toshio Baba
Director / Exective Officer Katsuhide Honda
Director / Exective Officer Susumu Inaoka
Director / Exective Officer Hiroshi Fujii
Director / Exective Officer Kenshi Kawano
Director / Full-time Audit and Supervisory Committee Member Osamu Okada
Outside Director / Audit and Supervisory Committee Member Teppei Mogi
Outside Director / Audit and Supervisory Committee Member Daisuke Shinkawa
Outside Director / Audit and Supervisory Committee Member Motohide Nishimura
Outside Director / Audit and Supervisory Committee Member Misako Tanizawa
Senior Managing Exective Officer Kouji Sano
Managing Exective Officer Katsuma Yagi
Managing Exective Officer Atsuhiko Nishizawa
Exective Officer Kiyoshi Nakamura
Exective Officer Akito Aitoku
Exective Officer Masahiro Hirata
Exective Officer Masatake Nakagawa
Exective Officer Kazuo Matsui
Exective Officer Shinji Nishigaki

Number of Employees
(Kurabo Group)

4,531 (As of March 31, 2019)

Line of Business
(Kurabo Group)

< Textile Business >
Manufacture and sale of textile products of cotton, synthetic, wool and other materials (yarns, fabics, knits, and made-up good), and including non-wovens. Dyeing, treatment, and finishing of cotton and synthetic woven and kitted fabrics.
< Chemical Products Business >
Manufacture, process, and sale pf polyurethane foam, synthetic woods, inorganic buillding materials, functional films, high performance engineering plastics, reinforcement nettingand precision filtration equipment and system and related products.
< Advance Technology Business >
Manufacture, sale and maintenance of information system and equipment for color control, production control, and of CAD systems.
Design, manufacture, and suplly of plants, equipment, and machines for environmental production, and industrial and household waste recycling.
Manufacture and sale of biomedical and its related products.
Manufacture and sale of machine tools, industrial machines.
< Food & Services Business >
Manufacture and sale of freeze-dry lyophilized foods.
Operation of hotel, and driving school etc.
< Real estate Business >
Lease of real estate.