Governance Sustainability

Corporate Governance

This page provides information about Kurabo’s corporate governance, including our basic approach, organizational chart, Corporate Governance Report, and criteria for outside directors.

Corporate governance

Promoting CSR and Compliance

We’ve established the Kurabo CSR Committee, which draws its membership from across group companies, along with various expert committees that work under its direction on particular areas so that the Kurabo Group can fulfill its social responsibility and ensure compliance.

Kurabo CSR Committee

These committees are involved in the following activities:

1. Human Rights Committee
The Human Rights Committee works to establish a corporate culture that is free of all forms of discrimination by fostering respect for basic human rights and offering educational and training programs. It also works to promote gender equality, encourage hiring of individuals with disabilities, and prevent harassment.
2. Health and Safety Committee
The Health and Safety Committee oversees health and safety management, including by promoting knowledge and offering instruction about disaster preparedness measures and disaster and health management, and by carrying out field surveys of safety management.
3. Environment Committee
The Environment Committee oversees environmental activities, including by collecting and exchanging information about topics such as protecting the natural environment, preventing pollution, and reducing the environmental impact of product use and disposal; by studying and promoting related measures; and by offering associated guidance.
4. Risk Control and Compliance Committee
The Risk Control and Compliance Committee oversees risk control and compliance activities, including compliance with laws, ordinances, and regulations and management of serious risks. It also works to ensure the reliability of Kurabo’s financial reporting.
5. Product Safety Committee
The Product Safety Committee oversees product safety measures and activities, including the formulation and implementation of product safety rules as well as risk analysis and safety assurance for products.
6. Information Security Committee
The Information Security Committee works to manage confidential company information and personal data in an appropriate manner through the review of rules such as Kurabo’s information security policy and privacy policy. It also holds educational and awareness-raising activities in the area of information security.
7. Quality Assurance Committee
The Quality Assurance committee oversees quality assurance activities and works to strengthen Kurabo’s quality assurance structures by approving quality assurance policies and quality audit plans developed by the Quality Auditing Group, pursuing awareness-raising activities in the areas of quality assurance and quality defect prevention and monitoring, and carrying out quality surveys.
8. Public Relations Committee
The Public Relations Committee oversees public relations activities and works to build and increase the general public’s trust in the Kurabo Group by actively communicating with society, including by disclosing corporate information and planning and orchestrating IR activities.