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Kurabo's electronics business contributes to the advancement of manufacturing by providing inspection and measuring devices centered on color sensing technology. While the engineering business has its foundations in environmental plant technologies such as wastewater and waste gas treatment, it is also expanding into biomass power generation. The biomedical business offers reagents, equipment, and services for drug discovery, cosmetics development, and preclinical studies. The machine tools business produces machinery for manufacturing products that make people's lives more convenient and comfortable. The aforementioned businesses make up Kurabo's Advanced Technology Division, which contributes to safety, security, and comfort in people's lives through advanced manufacturing, research, and energy utilization.

Business Fields

Business Fields

  • Electronics Field
  • Engineering Field
  • Biomedical Field
  • Machine Tools Field
Electronics Field

Main Products



This product mixes and deaerates various kinds of materials. Applicable to a wide variety of materials, with the revolution/rotation ratio able to be set freely and flexibly. Achieves production of highly functional materials with improved quality.

Film thickness meter

Infrared measuring device

Kurabo's film thickness meter offers non-contact, high-speed response. It can easily measure the thickness of packaging film and the thickness of oil on steel plates, making it ideal for measurement at production sites.

Plastic bottle inspection machine

This machine uses Kurabo's proprietary color image processing technology. We can provide customers with inspection systems employing optical systems to meet customers' unique needs, thus allowing them to conduct inspection of defects in PET? preforms and bottles with a high degree of accuracy.

Pavement and tunnel inspection system

Equipped with 3D cameras, a distance meter, and GPS, this inspection unit can detect damage in tunnels and road surfaces mounted on vehicles driving at 100 km/h, thus dramatically shortening inspection times. It contributes to efficient diagnosis of infrastructure deterioration.


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Engineering Field

Main Products

KNORCA exhaust gas denitration equipment

(exhaust gas treatment equipment)

Using ammonia or urea aqueous solution as the reducing agent, denitration equipment based on the catalytic reduction method decomposes NOx into harmless nitrogen (N2) and water (H2O) by the action of highly-functional titanium oxide series fixed-bed honeycomb catalyst activity.

Effluent treatment facility

The Division designs and builds optimum water treatment facilities which satisfy a wide variety of customer needs, including public facilities such as effluent water treatment equipment for municipal incinerators and effluent treatment systems for industry.

Fluid-bed boiler

(heat treatment equipment)

By using waste plastic and sludge in addition to biomass fuel, such as wood and tire chips, energy is collected in the form of steam or high-temperature air. When combined with steam turbines, generation of electricity is possible.

Biomass power plant

We operate a biomass power plant that combines our proprietary fluidized bed boiler technology with steam turbines and that runs on biomass fuel such as timber from forest thinning.


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Biomedical Field

Main Products

Normal human epidermal keratinocyte


Two types of cells ? newborn infant-derived and adult-derived cells ? and a serum-free culture medium especially formulated for keratinized cells are available. In-house QC data and donor information are provided for each lot. Reservation of a specified lot is possible. Epidermal, blood vessel, visceral, and other cell types are also available.

3D skin model: EPI-200

A restructured model consisting of normal human epidermal keratinocyte. The 3D structure is similar to human skin, which is multilayered and highly differentiated. The horny cell layer of this model is comparatively thicker than that of other commercially available products, and its absorptive property is deemed to be similar to that of human skin.


DNA detection kit

This kit allows for simple, low-cost, and highly sensitive genetic testing. The kit can be used to visually identify multiple genes. It is marketed for a wide range of testing, such as of food poisoning bacteria in feces, impurities in food such as hair, blood, and bones, and alcohol metabolism.

Nucleic-acid extraction equipment


QuickGene-610L is a system that automatically extracts DNA from a blood sample quickly, easily, and with high purity and yield. Equipment and reagent kits to extract nucleic acids from samples other than blood are also available in the QuickGene series.


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Machine Tools Field

Main Products


CNC horizontal boring and milling machine

The horizontal boring and milling machine is known as the "mother machine" of machine tools: the machines that create machines. With a highly rigid spindle, it excels at machining hard materials.

KIP Series

Internal precision one-pass honing machines

These one-pass honing machines offer highly accurate, highly efficient, and low-cost processing, with a wide range of hole machining diameters up to φ50.

CAD/CAM system

Our MYPAC system offers CAD for two-dimensional drawing, three-dimensional modeling, and mold design, and also CAM for two- to five-axis machining and laser processing.


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