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Contributing to lifestyles through technological competency, with eyes set on the future

Contributing to lifestyles through technological competency, with eyes set on the future

Kurabo’s electronics business contributes to the advancement of manufacturing by providing inspection and measuring devices centered on color sensing technology. While the engineering business has its foundations in environmental plant technologies such as wastewater and waste gas treatment, it is also expanding into biomass power generation. The biomedical business offers reagents, equipment, and services for drug discovery, cosmetics development, and preclinical studies. The machine tools business produces machinery for manufacturing products that make people’s lives more convenient and comfortable. These businesses make up Kurabo’s Advanced Technology Division, which contributes to safety, security, and comfort in people's lives through advanced manufacturing, research, and energy utilization.

Business Fields and Main Products

Electronics Field

Color and image processing technology

3D vision robot systemKURASENSE
Combining numerous types of robots with high-speed 3D vision sensors for recognizing cables, KURASENSE makes possible handling systems for linear objects such as cables, something difficult to achieve with conventional automation.See more(Japanese only)
Infrastructure management systemPG-4 compact pavement inspection system
Equipped with 3D cameras, a speedometer, and GPS, this inspection unit can detect road damage at a speed of 100 km/h, thus dramatically shortening inspection time. It contributes to efficient diagnosis of infrastructure deterioration.See more

Product inspection

AFVI system for HDI/flex PCBsBBMaster
In addition to proprietary image processing technology, BBMaster uses the Kurabo-developed color/monochrome switching camera, allowing the user to spot previously unseen defects. See more
Infrared measuring deviceFilm thickness meter
Kurabo’s film thickness meter offers non-contact, high-speed response. It can easily measure the thickness of packaging film and the thickness of oil on steel plates, making it ideal for measurement at production sites.See more

Advanced Technology Division
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Engineering Field

Environmental plant equipment

Effluent treatment facilities
We design and build water treatment facilities that satisfy a wide variety of customer needs, including public facilities such as effluent water treatment equipment for municipal incinerators and effluent treatment systems for industry.See more
Exhaust gas treatment equipment
We manufacture a comprehensive lineup of exhaust gas treatment equipment. Products include wet-type equipment for removing SOx and HCL, denitration equipment for breaking down NOx with catalysts and reducing agents, and dust-collecting equipment that uses coulomb force and filter cloth.See more

Heat treatment equipment

Fluidized-bed boilers (Biomass power plants)
We operate biomass power plants incorporating steam turbines that run on biomass fuel such as timber from forest thinning.
By using waste plastic, RPF (refuse paper and plastic fuel), food residue, and sludge in addition to biomass fuel such as wood and tire chips, energy is collected in the form of steam or high-temperature air.See more
Livestock waste treatment system 【FUNTO】
With its powerful sterilization and drying capabilities, this system can repeatedly recycle livestock waste (used litter containing livestock excrement and urine) into dry and clean compost.See more(Japanese only)

Advanced Technology Division
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Biomedical Field

Regenerative medicine-related products

Normal human epidermal keratinocyteNHEK(NB), NHEK(AD)
Two types of cells—newborn infant-derived and adult-derived cells—and a serum-free culture medium especially formulated for keratinized cells are available. In-house QC data and donor information are provided for each lot. Reservation of a specified lot is possible.See more
3D skin modelEPI-200
A restructured model consisting of normal human epidermal keratinocyte. The 3D structure is similar to human skin, which is multilayered and highly differentiated. This effective replacement for traditional animal testing is used in a range of tests.See more

Gene analysis-related products

Genetic testing kitGeneFields
This kit allows for simple, low-cost, and highly sensitive genetic testing. The kit can be used to visually identify multiple genes. It is marketed for a wide range of testing, such as for food poisoning bacteria in feces, impurities in food such as hair, blood, and bones, and alcohol metabolism.See more
Nucleic-acid extraction equipmentQuickGene
QuickGene is a system that quickly extracts DNA and RNA from a sample with high purity. The product lineup is extensive and ranges from fully automatic devices to small-scale extraction equipment.See more

Advanced Technology Division
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Machine Tools Field

Machine tools

CNC horizontal boring and milling machineKBT-13.A
A horizontal boring and milling machine is known as a “mother machine”: a machine tool that creates machines. With a highly rigid spindle, it excels at machining hard materials.See more
CAD/CAM system
The MYPAC system offers CAD for two-dimensional drawing, three-dimensional modeling, and mold design, and also CAM for two- to five-axis machining and laser processing.See more(Japanese only)

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