Group Business Summary

Summary of the Group's business in the 211th fiscal year (ending in March 2019)

Textile Business

Sales increased in the uniform field due to stable demand backed by solid public investment.

Sales in the casual clothing field decreased due to sluggish domestic clothing sales and sales of yarn materials decreased due to a slump in business.

Sales at overseas subsidiaries decreased due to a downturn in Southeast Asia and Brazil.

As a result, net sales were 59.7 billion yen (down 6.8% year on year) and the operating loss was 950 million yen (operating income of 690 million yen for the same period of the previous year).

Chemical Product Business

In automotive business, business trended weakly at our Chinese subsidiary, but revenue increased due to strong sales of soft urethane foam for interior materials and nonwoven fabric for filters in Japan, etc.

In the functional resin field, in addition to films for stationery and automobiles, revenue increased due also to strong sales of resin processed products for semiconductor manufacturing.

In the housing building material field, sales declined as exterior decorative materials and fiber reinforcement materials were sluggish.

As a result, net sales were 61.1 billion yen (down 1.6% year on year) and operating income was 1.95 billion yen (down 17.3% year on year).

Advance Technology Business

In the electronics field, sales of substrate inspection equipment, etc., were steady and revenue increased. In addition, sales of semiconductor cleaning-related equipment also increased steadily at a subsidiary.

Revenue in the engineering field declined significantly due to the effect of a decline in large-scale projects for biomass power generation plants, etc.

In the biomedical field, revenue increased as automated nucleic acid separators and cell products trended steadily.

In the machine tool field, domestic sales trended well, and overseas sales to North America were also steady, resulting in an increase in revenue.

As a result, net sales were 21 billion yen (up 2.1% year on year) and operating income was 2.24 billion yen (up 88.6% year on year).

Food & Services Business

In the food field, instant noodle ingredients and products for the soup market trended well, resulting in an increase in revenue.

In the hotel field, revenue declined due to a partial suspension of facilities associated with renewal work and the impact of the torrential rain of July 2018.

As a result, net sales were 10.6 billion yen (up 1.5% year on year) and operating income was 950 million yen (down 17.8% year on year).

Real Estate Business

As a result of our efforts to promote rental business, net sales were 4.4 billion yen (up 1.4% year on year) and operating income was 3.04 billion yen (up 2.0% year on year).