Social Media Policy

Social Media Policy

Kurabo Industries Ltd. (“Kurabo”) has adopted the following Social Media Policy concerning the operation of its official social media accounts and the use of social media generally.

1. Purposes for which we use social media

At Kurabo, we use social media to communicate a variety of information about our products, technologies, and corporate activities to a broad audience and to promote understanding of Kurabo.

2. Approach to use of social media

  1. Reflecting our understanding that social media provides a venue for communication based on connections with a large group of people that includes business partners and others; that information posted on social media reaches a broad, global audience via the Internet and is accessible to the general public; and that it is not possible to completely delete information once it has been posted, we strive to imbue our communications with a spirit of moderation and common sense.
  2. We exercise care with regard to the content and method of communications, and we strive not to post erroneous information or invite misunderstanding on the part of users.
  3. In the event that we do post erroneous information or use language that invites misunderstanding, we will promptly apologize and issue a correction.
  4. We strive to act with moderation and to never conceal our identity, and we are committed to taking responsibility for posting information and engaging in dialog.
  5. We run our official social media accounts as part of our business operations, and we strive to use social media to improve trust in Kurabo along with brand value.

3. Compliance with laws, regulations, and internal rules

We comply with the applicable laws and regulations, and internal rules such as theKurabo Group Code of Ethics.
Moreover, we work to avoid the unauthorized disclosure of personal data and confidential information of our own and other entities; to respect third parties’ intellectual property rights, portrait rights, and privacy rights; and to avoid defamation and slander.

Information and Requests for Users of Social Media

Before using Kurabo’s official social media accounts, please note the following:

  • Information published on social media is current as of the time it is posted but subject to change thereafter.
  • Information posted to Kurabo’s official social media accounts does not necessarily reflect the company’s official statements or views. Kurabo’s official statements and views can be found at sources including our website and news releases (Japanese only).
  • We make no guarantee concerning the completeness, accuracy, or utility of information posted to our social media accounts. Kurabo is not liable for any damage sustained as a result of the use of information posted to its social media accounts or of the inability to use those accounts.
  • Kurabo’s official social media accounts use a variety of methods to communicate. Please note that we are unable to respond to all comments and posts.
    Inquiries about Kurabo products and services as well as other topics should be submitted via this inquiry form.
  • We may, at our own discretion, end or temporarily halt use of our official social media accounts, either in whole or in part, without advance notice.
  • Material protected by copyright or other intellectual property rights included in information posted to Kurabo’s official social media accounts remains the property of Kurabo or the holders of the rights in question. Users may not use, duplicate, distribute, or otherwise utilize posted information that includes material protected by intellectual property rights without the consent of Kurabo or the holders of the rights in question.
  • We may quote comments and posts by users.
  • In the event a user’s behavior, comments, or posts constitute any of the types of conduct listed below, we may, at our discretion, delete those comments or posts or block the user’s account. Kurabo is not liable for any damage sustained as a result of such behavior, comments, or posts.
    1. Slandering or harming the reputation or trust of Kurabo, other users, or other third parties;
    2. Causing difficulties for Kurabo, other users, or other third parties or otherwise subjecting them to disadvantageous conditions or loss;
    3. Infringing on the copyright, trademark rights, other intellectual property rights, portrait rights, or privacy rights of Kurabo, other users, or other third parties;
    4. Posting content that includes harmful programs, scripts, or other code;
    5. Infringing on social media terms of use, laws, or other regulations; violating public norms of decency; or otherwise facilitating illegal or criminal activity;
    6. Engaging in other conduct likely to fall under any of the above; and
    7. Otherwise engaging in conduct deemed inappropriate by Kurabo
  • This “Social Media Policy” and “Information and Requests for Users of Social Media” are subject to change without advance notice.