Food and Services

Serving various needs of the community

By making the most of the Kurabo Group's development and technological powers, the company is responding to various needs in the areas of food and services, which are essential parts of a fulfilling lifestyle. In the food sector, Japan Jiffy Foods offers safe and reliable freeze-dried products. In the service sector, Kurabo's very first factory in Kurashiki has been refurbished-yet retains its classic shape and charm-to house a commercial/cultural complex called Kurashiki Ivy Square. Meanwhile, the Kurabo Driving School contributes to the safety of the local community.

Business Fields

Business Fields


Japan Jiffy Foods

Japan Jiffy Foods, founded in 1962,
handles the Kurabo Group's food business.

Kurashiki Ivy Square

Kurashiki Ivy Square, with its distinctive red brick exterior covered in ivy, is a tourist attraction.

The Kurabo Driving School

The Kurabo Driving School contributes to community safety through driving lessons.