President's Message

Expanding into all areas of daily life

Kurabo started as a fiber company in 1888. Since then, Kurabo has diversified its operations and developed a unique corporate culture in the 20th and 21st centuries. Globalization and the use of IT are spreading today. In such an environment, we need to quickly respond to changes in markets and consistently produce innovation. We are re-discovering the values of the spirit that Kurabo had when the company was established. The corporate spirit nurtured people and drove the company to continue to strive for innovation without being afraid of failure since the start of the business. This spirit is being passed on to aggressive technical renovations as a manufacturer and abilities to provide new proposals to users. This spirit is the driving force of Kurabo for spreading diversified technologies to all fields near our users without being limited to fibers and for producing new values. Kurabo is committed to continue growing with our users as a company that connects people and society for prosperous future generations. To do so, we aim to further enhance our corporate values by enriching overseas strategies as our new perspective. We are also committed to further strengthening our awareness that we are a pioneering company in the field of CSR (corporate social responsibility). 

President Haruya Fujita