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Creating comfort for various everyday scenes

Creating comfort for various everyday scenes

Kurabo’s chemical product business continues to grow beyond conventional industry boundaries, and it now operates in a diverse range of fields. Using its proprietary technologies, the company provides many products that hold the leading share in various markets. For automotive interior, housing construction, and heat-insulating materials, Kurabo uses its original resin compounding and molding technology to gain an advantage over its competitors. In semiconductor-related products, Kurabo uses its proprietary processing technology to develop resin products. And when it comes to film materials, Kurabo has established a super-high-temperature molding technique that yields super engineering plastic film. Kurabo is thus contributing to the creation of high-value-added products in various fields.

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Business Fields and Main Products

Polyurethane foam

Flexible polyurethane foam for automotive seatsKuraraFoam
This uniform-celled porous foam is light and soft and boasts cushioning, shock-absorbing, acoustic-absorbing, and heat-insulating properties. It makes life easier through use in a variety of everyday applications, including mattresses, pressure-relieving pillows, automobile seats, sponges, and food packaging materials.See more(Japanese only)
Pressure-relieving pillowsSleep Merge Pillow
This pillow provides a good night’s sleep through its combination of newly developed pressure-relieving Legend Foam material and a multi-wave cut design conducive to a natural head-resting position.See more(Japanese only)

Housing construction materials

Decorative exterior material for housingKurancerete
Kurancerete is a decorative ceramic exterior material used to enhance the look of a wide range of residences, from detached homes to housing complexes such as apartments and condominiums. The product’s extensive lineup can be matched to a wide range of exterior styles. Any type of Kurancerete can be used on its own, or combined with others to create a unique design that suits a home’s particular style.See more(Japanese only)
Laminated wood for housingKurattice Eco
Kurattice Eco is laminated wood coated with resin with a core of aluminum or other metal. Combining the attractiveness of wood with the strength of metal, it enjoys wide application for construction and industrial uses. See more

Semiconductor-related products

Low-dielectric film for high-frequency applicationsOidys
This insulation film for electronic components is a thermoplastic resin formed through high-temperature extrusion molding. Boasting outstanding heat resistance and low dielectric constant, this film is ideal for use in items such as flexible flat cables and flexible printed circuit boards.See more(Japanese only)
For semiconductor production equipmentHigh-performance plastic products
We use a wealth of processing technologies for resin to provide customers with everything from components for semiconductor and LCD production to pumps, valves, and other parts for machinery. In addition to cutting, forming, welding, and adhesion, we carry out secondary processing such as surface finishing and washing.See more(Japanese only)

Functional films

Hot-melt adhesive filmKuranBeter
Unlike ordinary adhesives, this is a film. The film is heat-melted and adheres as it cools. No solvents are used, so the film is an environment-friendly adhesive and can be used in various fields including the automobile and electronic device industries.See more(Japanese only)
Stretchable film for electronic materialsElastomer film
This stretchable polyester film is heat resistant and at use in a range of industrial materials including for electronics. It can be custom made in varying degrees of hardness to match any of a wide range of applications.See more(Japanese only)

Reinforcing fabrics

Reinforced biaxial net base materialCrenette
Crenette, a biaxial laminated net, is created by layering fibers of material such as glass, polyester, vinylon, and aramid in the warp and weft directions. It provides reinforcement to match customer needs.See more(Japanese only)
Multi-axial warp knitted fabricKuramas
This multi-axial non-crimp fabric is knitted from glass fiber, carbon fiber, or other fibers. Kuramas can be used as reinforcement for fiber-reinforced plastic (FRP) or as base material in civil engineering.See more(Japanese only)

Nonwoven fabric

Air filter for automotive enginesKranCsair
KranCsair is a multi-layer engine air filter that offers high functionality and a long service life. We also have a selection of air filters formed by fiber webs only.See more

Production Sites

  • Neyagawa Plant
    Products: Rigid polyurethane foam, synthetic wood, precision equipment
    Location: Neyagawa, Osaka
  • Susono Plant
    Products: Flexible polyurethane foam, flame laminated products
    Location: Susono, Shizuoka
  • Gunma Plant
    Products: Decorative ceramic exterior materials, flame laminated products
    Location: Isesaki, Gunma
  • Kamogata Plant
    Products: Flexible polyurethane foam, flame laminated products
    Location: Asaguchi, Okayama
  • Mie Plant
    Products: Functional film
    Location: Tsu, Mie
  • Kumamoto Office and R&D Center
    Business: Assessment, analysis, development, and sales of high-performance plastic products
    Location: Kikuchi, Kumamoto

Group Companies

  • Guangzhou Kurabo Chemicals Co., Ltd.
  • Guangzhou KCF Plastics Co., Ltd.
  • Foshan Kurashiki Textile Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
  • Kurashiki Chemical Products do Brasil Ltda.