The origins of Kurabo?
spinning threads of fulfillment
and weaving dreams

The textile business is where it all started for Kurabo. By making the most of its unique, advanced technologies in spinning, weaving, dyeing, and processing, the company has come out with a string of highly functional and refined textile products based on natural fibers such as cotton, wool, and linen. Kurabo has since made a name for itself in heavy fabrics such as denim and fabrics used for uniforms and casual wear. One of the company's strengths is the ability to respond to customer needs by planning and proposing products from the customer's standpoint. Kurabo's high-value-added textiles, which combine function, aesthetics, and touch, have in recent years become increasingly widespread in overseas markets. The company strives to offer new lifestyle choices through its textile products.

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Combines Protex flame retardant acrylic fibers and cotton fibers which contain cotton by products generated during the production process. Both flame retardant and ecological characteristics have been achieved.

Air Flake

Biomimetic material

Air Flake is an insulation fiberfill with a unique three-dimensional structure that Kurabo developed by analyzing and applying the shape and characteristics of duck down. It offers light-weight, softness and extra warmth. As it is washable at home, it can be applied for not only clothing and bedding but also so many items as you wish.


(Ordinary/casual clothing)

Wrinkle-resistant textile material. Can be used in a wide range of fashion styles from business casual to vintage.


Anti-bacteria/anti-virus fiber processing technology

Cleanse reduces the amount of specific viruses, and prevents specific bacteria and fungi from proliferating on fiber surfaces. Using innocuous chemicals to human body, Cleanse products keep the function of anti-bacteria/ anti-virus even after repeated washing.

Smartfit for work

Risk management system for workers

Based on the biological data obtained from wearers, Smartfit, Kurabo's original smart undershirt, helps monitoring in real time risks for heatstroke, sudden changes in vital signs, and workplace accidents such as falls. Any detected problems are immediately transmitted to and warned to both wearers themselves and operational managers.

Kurabo Denim Prime Blue

Superfine denim fabric creating new value

Carrying on the tradition of Kurabo Denim technology, Prime Blue fabric designed in Japan is produced for new values of future generations.


Marugame Mill

Products : Spining

Location : Marugame, Kagawa

Anjo Mill

Products : Spining, Woven fabric

Location : Anjo, Aichi

Tokushima Plant

Products : Cloth dyeing processing

Location : Anan, Tokushima


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