Research FacilitiesR&D

Kurabo Advanced Technology Center

The Kurabo Advanced Technology Center was completed in 2016 as a base for the Technical Research Laboratory. The Laboratory ambitiously pursues the development of challenging technologies and products that usher in the next generation. With state-of-the-art experiment/evaluation equipment and a unique organizational structure that allows researchers to interact with each other beyond their areas of expertise, the Laboratory is generating technologies that set Kurabo apart from the competition. It also cooperates with Kurabo business divisions and the development divisions of group companies and leads the Kurabo Group's efforts in creating new fields of business.

  • Robot sensing
  • Semiconductor solutions
  • Analytical equipment

Textile Innovation Center (TIC)

The TIC was established in 2018 in Anjo, Aichi Prefecture as an R&D base for Kurabo’s textile business. An independent entity under the direct management of Kurabo’s textile business, the TIC brings together specialists in spinning, weaving, dyeing, processing, and sewing. It conducts next-generation research and trains Kurabo technicians.
The Product Development Group develops innovative, never-before-seen products and services from consumers’ point of view, including new highly functional and highly refined materials. It also works to improve manufacturing technology for recycling-oriented products and smart clothing. In addition, it develops proprietary facilities needed for the manufacture of these products and materials. The Manufacturing Systems Development Group aims to realize smart factories by using IoT to improve visualization and labor-saving measures in production processes, and by conducting R&D in factory automation. The Technical Support Group aims to pass on and disseminate Kurabo techniques and skills by developing educational tools that allow experienced technicians to convey knowledge to their young counterparts in a short time, and by having these veterans provide guidance at Kurabo production bases around the world.